Lancôme Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer

What it is:

A natural coverage concealer instantly eliminates telltale signs of stress and fatigue. 

What it does:

This long-wearing concealer provides complete, natural-looking coverage by evening skintone, covering dark circles, and minimizing fine lines around the eyes. The result is a soft, matte finish.

I have known about Lancome effacernes concealer for a very long time, even when I just started using makeup I knew about this concealer. And since I have always been so big on concealers (hello dark circles) I still can’t explain why I haven’t tried it earlier. I think someone told me long time ago how it’s drying and looks cakey so I never actually tried it on myself. Obviously I made a mistake. 
Texture is extremely creamy and thick but it blends easily. You need the smallest amount ever to cover up whole eye area. It does not accentuate dryness (that was my main concern) and settling in lines is really minimal. Even though it’s called under eye concealer this is one of the best face concealers I have tried. It does amazing job covering acne, dark spots, discoloration etc… It gives full coverage and it’s very long lasting so it would work great on wide range of skin types – for example oily and combo skin with acne or acne scars/spots. I can’t really judge is it waterproof or not, but I can claim that does not transfer on skin (for example if you touch your face) or your clothes. I use Lancome’s Bifacil to remove it around my eyes. 
Color I got is Claire II. The reason I got this one is that it has pink tone to it, which I always need for around the eyes to neautrilize darkness. It is slightly darker than I would like it to be, but all other shades with pink tone to it are extremely light and look almost white on me. Shade that I would use on my face would be Light buff – although I can use it around my eyes too, but it does not neutralize as well as Clair II since it’s more yellow toned. Conclusion – I need to get myself Light buff for the face. 
If you are lucky enough to be able to use same color of concealer for both face and around the eyes this little tube will last you VERY long time. It has 14 gr which is unbelievable amount especially if you compare to some other concealers on the market that offer 2 or 3 ml (ridiculous). Applicator is very precise too so you won’t have any wasted product. 
It dries to natural satin finish and it does not brighten up under eye are as Lancome Maquicomplet  does, but it covers much more. 

Lancome Effacernes retails for 30$ and can be found on Official Lancome website.

This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.

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