Lancome Exfoliance Confort review

 For dry skin.

Formulated with honey, almond and yeast extracts plus micro-spheres to remove dry spots.

The creamy formula helps to leave skin feeling smooth, comfortable and clean.

I love exfoliators and most of the time I have couple of them that I like to rotate. One is always more rough another one is more gentle etc… I do prefer mechanical over chemical exfoliators (not that chemical ones are not good, I just like the feeling of freshly exfoliated skin with actual beads).

BUT no exfoliating the skin is equally bad as OVER exfoliating. I encourage women to exfoliate once a week for normal and dry skin and twice maybe three times for combination and oily skin. NOT every day. You are over stripping your skin and you will end up producing more and more oil. Also mechanical exfoliators are not supposed to be used on skin with active acne – you will just spread them everywhere. Stick with chemical exfoliation.
Exfoliance Confort is made for dry skin. I think sensitive skin would benefit from this one too. It is very gentle creamy exfoliator with tiny beads that are not rough at all. But again they do the work without over drying or stripping the skin. Skin is left soft and smooth. It’s texture reminds me a lot of Clinique 7 day scrub that I already reviewed here.
Comes in a sleek pink tube with a plastic flip top cap. Product itself has light pink color. It is thick and creamy so a little goes a long way. It is supposed to be applied on damp skin and lightly massaged into circular motion. Always be gentle with your skin. I noticed some women like to scrub vigorously  but why? You already have a product that’s doing it’s job, be gentle or you’ll cause micro cuts on your skin.
I usually massage for minute or two avoiding eye area and then rinse off with luke warm water , not hot! Water that’s too warm or hot will just dry out your skin.  
Exfoliance confort has soft rose scent that goes away pretty quickly.
I like to keep it and use it in my shower when my pores are already open from all the steam and skin is prepped for scrubing. It is also great for pre makeup use if you are let’s say going to some special occasion and you need your skin smooth for perfect makeup application.

On the left I wanted to show the amount you need for the whole face. On the right product massaged into the skin. If you look closely you can actually see the beads.

Overall:   Very nice for dry and sensitive skin. I prefer Exfoliance Radiance for it’s results. It gives me more of a glow and radiance, but I can’t find any other reason. I can’t say anything negative about Exfoliance confort.

Retails for 25$ and can be purchased directly from Lancome

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