Lancome Exfoliant Fraichelle invigorating body scrub review

Lately I have been on a body scrub kick! Since I used up The body shop shea scrub, I bought 4 different ones (yeeks)
I had my eye on the Lancome Exfoliant Fraichelle for a while and I got it while they had nice GWP offer so I got some extra freebies.
So what does Lancome say about it:

An invigorating, rich-foaming scrub that buffs away dull, dead surface cells. Enriched with a patented emollient and botanical extracts with magnesium, provitamin B5 and essential fatty acids. Awakens your body from head to toe, revealing smoother, softer, more supple body skin that’s refreshed with an exhilarating fresh floral scent

Exfoliant Fraichelle is a nice scrub that’s mild enough for dry and sensitive skin yet effective enough to soften the skin and leave it refreshed. It is more of a shower scrub meaning it’s a in between shower gel and a body scrub. It foams up more than I expected and it’s not as thick or harsh as usually body scrubs are. So if you are looking for something in between these two or for a 2 in 1 product Exfoliant Fraichelle is a nice choice.

First time I tried it I was actually worried that it won’t be effective enough becase right out of the tube it feels and looks like there are no buffing grains at all. It has lightweight gel texture.  Interesting thing is the more you rub it in it seems  it has more and more buffing grains. Like they are suddenly there out of nowhere. I have not tried it on dry skin as I never do with body scrubs but I know some people like to do it to make it more effective. 
It is easy to rinse out and it does not leave any kind of a residue like it usually happens with salt based scrubs who have oils in them (my favorites). I do like when there is a oil “residue” on skin after exfoliation because skin feels softer smoother and moisturized. I do not like dry and squeaky feeling on skin. 
Tube is convenient to hold in hand and it’s easy to squeeze the product out. 
It has a fresh cucumber like scent that I personally do not like. I do not know how to describe it, it’s not a bad scent but it just doesn’t smell nice to me. I would prefer if it had more of a citrusy smell.
I love using Lancome nutrix loyal body lotion after this and will wright separate review for this product. 

Right out of the tube

Rubbed in a little bit
Rubbed in some more. Now you can actually see buffing beads

Overall: It is a nice scrub with a good price point, nice size, you can get some freebies with always amazing Lancome GWP, it’s good for sensitive skin, but I have tried better and I am not sure I will repurchase it. At least with body scrubs I like to experiment and try new stuff. 

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