Lancome Nutrix Royal Body review

 Rescue extremely dry, dehydrated skin with this sumptuous silky lotion that locks in nourishing moisture for 24 hours. Feelings of tightness virtually disappear, thanks to Lancôme’s ultra hydrating formula that’s enriched with Royal Jelly for lasting comfort. Almost immediately, skin feels smooth, supple and cushiony-soft.


  • Smoothes and nurtures skin with 24-hour moisture
  • Cushions and insulates skin from the effects of climate and seasonal changes
  • Smoothes on effortlessly, drenching skin in comforting moisture for a satiny-soft feel


  • Royal Lipidéum™ Complex of Lipidéum and Royal Jelly: Helps skin retain moisture by supplementing its own natural lipids (moisture-binding fat cells found in the skin)
  • Contains Shea Butter, one of the most effective ingredients to fight dryness
  • Chestnut Peptides increase skin’s natural lipid production

Lancome Nutrix royal has been my very surprising discovery. I never paid attention to it but I received it as a gift and was super happy about it. I love trying different products for body while trying to discover the best lotion/cream/butter for dry skin. 
This is very thick and creamy lotion, I am not sure it can be called lotion at all. It is between butter and a lotion texture wise. Even though it has such a thick texture it’s easy to spread. Does not absorb immediately so I like to use it before going to bed. It takes a while to absorb but leaves skin very soft and moisturized. Great choice for brutal Chicago winter when my skin is super dry and needs all the help possible. 
I like the packaging too. It’s nice squeeze out tube and has 6.8 oz or 200ml. With daily use it would last about a month, not longer. But since it provides such a great moisture you can easily use it every other day or for example three times a week, even if your skin is very dry. For skin that’s not so dry this could be more of a occasional “treatment”.  I also like to use it after hair removal on my legs, to soothe and moisturize irritated skin. Scent is soft but noticeable, hard to describe -light floral would be my best guess. Nothing that would interfere if you are wearing a fragrance. I like to stay away from lotions that mess up scent I am wearing. It has to be either very light and neutral or exactly the same lotion as the fragrance I am wearing. 
I like using Nutrix royal after Lancome exfoliant fraichelle since it does leave my skin slightly dry and has no residue. Then I have feeling that Nutrix royal can be absorbed the best. I wish Lancome would have even more body products. I would love to try their self tanners since I’ve heard some great things about them.

Lancome Nutrix Royal body  retails for 30$ and can be purchased on Lancome website

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