Lancome Star bronzer natural matte Sunkiss 02

The unique blend of mineral pigments and absorbent micro-spheres ensures a long-lasting smoothness and a perfect matte finish for your skin. Smooth and comfortable texture blends effortlessly and evenly into the skin. Does not go shiny or dull throughout the day. Skin feels silky soft and even toned.

Couple of summers ago Lancome revamped their bronzing line and introduced some matte shades to the permanent line. Great idea since you can’t find a lot of completely matte bronzers on the market. I have picked out Sunkiss 02 as a lighter matte shade. I do not have much experience with matte bronzers since I always pick with at least some shimmer.
I wanted Sunkiss to use during winter months when I am pale as a ghost.

Finish is very nicely matte, not flat matte, and very natural looking. Color does not fade throughout the day and it does not oxidize. Texture is very soft, powder is finely milled and it blends nicely. Color is so light that it would work even on the lightest porcelain skin. You can’t really overdo it. It also makes it perfect for someone who has never used bronzers before. I do not think that this would really show up on medium or dark skin tones (clearly), but for fair and light skin tones -warm, cool or neutral this would work very nicely.

As opposed to most of the Lancome products, or any French product this is fragrance free. Great if you are sensitive to fragrance in cosmetic products. Also it has SPF15 to provide at least some sun protection.  It has Vitamin E which should moisturize skin.

Packaging is absolutely beautiful  both outside and inside. I had such a hard time trying to capture the rose on the outside of the packaging, it can be seen depending on the light.
I love the embossed roses on the powder too <3  Packaging is sleek and thin, very purse friendly. It also has magnetic snap closure and pretty big mirror. I am glad they did not include useless brush.

L-R – heavy swatch, blended 

Product has 13gr and retails for 35$ which is decent price/amount of product value especially compared to other high end bronzers that are mostly 50$ and up. 

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