Lancome Summer 2013 collection – Vernis in Love Ultramarine Green 521

Lancome Vernis in Love Ultramarine Green 521 is part of the Summer 2013 collection. Color is described as soft green. It has strong green undertone but it would described it more as a teal. In certain lights it looks way more blue than green. Formula is fantastic! Two coats give full coverage and it dries to a high shine glossy finish.

I am very impressed by the Summer collection. I previously reviewed Simply Aqua and Aqua Bleu. All of them have equally good formula. Ultramarine green looks good against light skin but would probably look even better tanned skin especially on toes. I can’t wait to see what Lancome has in store for upcoming fall!
 Indoors with flash
Indoors, artificial light without a flash
Outdoors, daylight but no sun at all 🙁 Rainy and fogy day

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