Lancome Vernis in Love Bleu De Flore 573B

Lancome Vernis In Love Bleu De flore 573B is dark midnight blue with a cream finish. It’s not so dark that looks black in certain lights which is great. It has some teal undertones that are visible indoors in natural light. I love the formula it’s opaque and gives full coverage in two coats.  Also it has such a glossy high shine finish! It looks so great on lighters skin tone, really compliments it.
This is probably one of my favorite Vernis in Love so far! 

Bleu de flore is such a must have!! I can’t express how impressed I am with this color. I can see myself wearing this shade often during all four seasons. It’s so classy! 
Indoors with flash:

Outdoors in direct sunlight:

Love love love!!

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