Lancome Vernis In Love Spring 2013 – Sugar Rose 301M

Vernis In love Sugar rose 301M is part of the Lancome spring 2013 collection. It is part of the “M” range meaning:
Jolis Matins: Fresh shades for daytime wear. Jolis Matins shades are identified with the letter M in the shade number.

Sugar rose is very soft baby pink.

When I firs saw this color I was sceptical because I never ever wear this kind of color, nor it works for me. My skin is too light and it just blends right in. Does not compliment me at all. I would probably never even look at this color at the counter nor buy it.
Well this time I was SO WRONG!  Among four shades in the spring collection this became my favorite! This is such a surprise for me! It is so soft feminine and looks beautiful on nails. These kind of colors are always very hard to apply, they lack pigment, go on streaky, you need gazillion coats to get the color to show up an be even. Not with the Sugar rose! Purposely for the photos I only did one coat without any top or base coat! It is so even and glossy! It took me literally 5 minutes or less to do this manicure. Who does not love that? Great for busy moms, working women… This shade is very work appropriate. Also great for women who don’t wear colors on their nails but still want to have nicely polished and manicured nails. 
I found my perfect nude color for nails yaaay

And yes I took million pictures to show you how beautiful it is 🙂

Daylight indoors
Daylight outdoors

Overall: MUST HAVE!

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