LUSH Brazened Honey fresh face mask review

Brazened Honey was inspired by traditional Indian ayurvedic principles, which put emphasis on balance as the foundation to health. Helen combined fresh free-range eggs and honey to soften, with astringent lime oil, antiseptic rosemary and exfoliating ground almonds. Kaolin reaches deep down into pores to pull out dirt and impurities, leaving your skin noticeably brighter and fresher. Our deepest cleansing mask, Brazened Honey is the perfect way to revive sluggish or congested skin.

Brazened honey is one of my LUSH favorites that I bought at least 7 times so far. When I think about beauty products probably this is the only one that I bought so many times. And I am not planning on changing that!

My relationship with LUSH is either love or hate. I’ve tried some products that are awful and do nothing, and I am glad that I found couple of them that are fantastic and I do not experiment more (Chocolate whipstick, Mask of magnaminty, The olive branch…).

Main reason I am buying it is that it really helps with tired dull looking skin. I use it maybe once a week, sometimes once in two weeks depending on how crappy my skin looks or how tired I feel. It brightens, tightens, leaves skin fresh, clean (not dried out clean), so soft to touch and looking radiant.

I love the herbal smell too, but I admit it might be too much for someone. Well everything from LUSH is a little bit of a too much when it comes to scents.

Texture is thick and creamy and can dry out a little bit in the pot, but it’s easy fixable – damp your skin before applying the mask or wet your fingers a little bit and it will become more creamy and it will be easier to spread it. One pot usually gives me about 5 applications. Not too bad.

Most of the time I do not use moisturizer or any other skincare product (except eyecream) after Brazened honey. I like using it before bedtime and then I let my skin breath a little bit…

It never dried me out or caused any kind of irritation. A long time ago I remember Lush was giving out samples of desired product so I was able to try couple of masks and pick out the one I like the best – Brazened honey.

Another thing I love about it is that does good exfoliation. After it dries on skin I rinse it with warm water and gently rub it in circular motion to enhance exfoliation. It’s gentle but effective.

I always have one pot in my fridge in case my skin needs help. It does have VERY SHORT expiration time, which I completely ignore I have to admit. If I use it 5 times once a week it means it will last me five weeks. I always keep it in the fridge and even if it was longer than this it never changed it’s look, smell or feel. Me happy. I am not throwing out perfectly fine product just because it says on the pot. You can see in the second photo below, every pot has listed date when it’s made and when expires.


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