MAC Adored Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Adored mineralize skinfinish was part of Tropical taboo collection released back in June 2013. I never got back to this piece of beauty to review it until now. Unfortunately it was limited edition (as almost always with MAC) but hopefully they will repromote it. Adored is described as a coral with light beige pearl. It is honestly one of the most beautiful mineralize skinfinishes MAC has released (trust me I have too many of them). It is perfect for light and medium skin tones. 

Adored might work as a very subtle blush for light skin tones or lightly dusted as a highlighter. For medium skin tones this would not show up enough to be worn as a blush but as a highlighter I think it would look great – or even as a blush topper. I can see this looking great over darker or brighter coral/peach blushes.

I love MAC mineralize skinfinishes and use them probably more than any other product. Darker ones I can use as a blush while lighter I like to use as a highlighter or over other blushes/ bronzers. 
It has finely milled powder, very soft and easy to work with. These can be applied with pretty much any brush – I usually use duo fiber ones like 188 or 187 depending on how much I want to apply. Some of the Mineralize skinfinishes are more glittery but most have more of a fine shimmer. Some have metallic sheen (if applied too much).  I will try to review more of these from my stash. 

Look at that shimmer! <3
A while ago I was asked to make comparison between MAC Lightscapade, Soft&Gentle and Adored  (left to right in the photo)

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