MAC Fruity Juicy Oh My Passion Pearlmatte Face Powder


MAC Fruity Juicy Oh My Passion Pearlmatte Face Powder – A unique face powder featuring a flirty flower pattern pressed into it.  Pearlized and satin shades feature a rich texture and velvet finish. Can be used as a blush and highlighter (also suitable for eye area). 



I have to admit MAC summer collections have always been my favorite – I get excited weeks ahead for summery shades of eye palettes, bronzers, lipglosses and always fun and bright blush colors. I have been buying MAC summer collections since 2009 and Fruity Juicy feels pretty underwhelming compared to some previous collections. Lack of blushes and fan eyeliner colors, weird eye shadow palettes and repromotes of bronzers and face brushes (3rd year in a row) left me wanting almost nothing. MAC usually features a face powder with pretty pattern as a part of summer collection and this is the first time I bought one. Reason behind is the powders always look so pretty but when swatched colors are meh so I always skipped. This time beside the gorgeus flower pattern I loved some early swatches and decided to get this and limited edition Fix + coconut (running low on my bottle of Fix+ so it’s easy to justify it).

When I saw first sneak peaks of the packaging I wasn’t a fan – black for summer (??) and combination of fruit and flowers I do not know… I just didn’t get it but I have to admit it looks much nicer in real than what it appeared in photos.

Back to Oh my passion!  – texture seems stiff at first due to pattern but actually swatches beautifully, soft and pigmented and blends like a dream. For lighter skin tones this can be used as a blush or highlighter (I think it would look great over a matte bronzer) while for medium and darker skin tones it would work as a highlighter only.  In swatches below I mixed all the shades together (I swirled my finger twice over the powder). You might be able to use colors separately but you would need very small brush. I simply loved how the powder looked when all the colors are mixed – soft peachy bronze with light beige sheen to it. This is my favorite kind of a shade for cheeks – btw this would look great on eyes to as a quick one all over shade on the lid.



MAC Cosmetics Fruity juicy is set to launch May 18th online and in stores. I was able to grab Oh my passion from early Nordstrom release (accidental or intentional who knows?) .  Only if this collection could magically transport me to some exotic island…  I assume this will be the first item from the collection to sell out so start stalking now!!


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