MAC In the spotlight extra dimension skinfinishes – Show gold, Double gleam, Beaming blush



Extra dimension skinfinish is liquid-powder highlighter with prismatic reflections is designed to sculpt and highlight your face, leaving it luminous and well-defined. The creamy powder lasts up to 10 hours.

I have been huge fan of Extra dimension formula and I already own couple of the older releases and was so excited when the sneak peak photos started showing up. One of my all time favorite MAC product and one of my most used makeup item is Extra dimension skinfinish in Double definition (Who remembers that one? I still regret not getting a backup).  MAC really mastered this formula making it very pigmented but lightweight at the same time. And the shimmer in these is gorgeous! I think they really made them very unique this time by creating duochrome shimmer. Also I noticed that colors are very WOC friendly. I think darker skin tones really make them pop. I purchased 3 out of 4 shades released and the only one I didn’t get is the lightest one – Soft frost which is violet with blue shimmer – simply too cool toned for my skin.  These beauties were so hard to photograph to really capture it’s true colors.

I know some do not like this formula for being too dry and stiff and not giving enough color. My suggestion is using brush like 127 – synthetic side to pick up the color and to apply it and then side with natural hair to blend it out. Works like magic.


SHOWGOLD – Peach that breaks pink 

On my skin Showgold is mostly just pink shimmer and even though it has peach undertone it blends into my skin tone and doesn’t really show up. I think MAC made a lot of cofusion between this one and Beaming blush , simply it seems that colors/descriptions are mixed up. This is my least favorite of three simply for being maybe too plain of a pink shimmer once applied.




DOUBLE GLEAM – Beige that breaks silver

Gorgeous beige that is kind of unique since it doesn’t pull warm but silver in it makes it more neutral and so wearable on any skin (under)tone. Also the most pigmented of 3 and so buttery and smooth.




BEAMING BLUSH – Pink that breaks gold

The pinkest one in the pan but once applied gold shimmer in it shows up so much that it pulls so warm and golden. It really left me surprised.  It is beautiful and unique highlighter color in my stash. I think once you look Beaming blush and Showgold in the pan they look almost identical especially in certain lights it is hard to see the difference but when applied on skin there are significantly different which is why you need both 🙂




L-R on my NC15 skin : Showgold , Double gleam, Beaming blush




Extra dimension skinfinishes retail for 33$ and I got mine directly from MAC website. Currently MAC has them listed as permanent product but I would suggest getting them while you can because with MAC you never know they change their minds and plans often.

MAC In the spotlight collection also includes shade extension of their beloved Strobe cream which I will review in the separate post. Stay tuned.


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