MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation review

A combination of powders creates an optical blurring effect that virtually diminishes imperfections and fine lines for a more even tone. The light-reflecting, natural satin finish makes skin appear refined, revitalized and refreshed with a new purity, softly lit from within. SPF 15 adds the perfect finishing touch of sun protection. Features the 77-Mineral Complex, shea butter and vitamin E.

MAC finally launched new foundation in the beginning of 2013. I was so excited to see them offering new liquid foundation meant for dry skin and with a satin/glowy finish. The old mineral liquid foundation I did not like at all – but I only had small sample and that was my first impression. I felt that they need major improvement in the formula, that the old one was just outdated.
I am not big on the whole mineral stuff in makeup. Honestly I do not care about it nor I think it really does much for skin. Some women actually have a lot of issues with mineral makeup causing irritation. The only to mineral product that I ever wore are Mineralize moisture foundation and also from MAC Mineralized skinfinish natural. Love these two as a combo!
Official campaign and product photos
 I love that black eyeliner!
Product comes in a glass bottle that’s pretty heavy. Glass is thick and not so travel/makeup bag/purse friendly. Yes it looks nicer than a cheap plastic bottle but I am always afraid I will drop it. Other MAC foundations like Studio fix fluid and Prolongwear are also in a glass bottles but the glass is thinner and bottles are much lighter. I love that it already has pump that you can lock. Wonderful! MAC made the same thing with Prolongwear foundation and I am hoping they will change Studio fix fluid packaging and make the same thing. Who wants to buy pump separately?
The color I picked is my usual when it comes to MAC -NC20. It is the least yellow among all the MAC foundations. I do not mind yellow at all actually I prefer it. Anything neutral turns pinkish on me. So if you have problem with MAC foundations being too yellow this might be a good choice.
Texture is very creamy, medium in thickness. Blends easily and I find that it looks equally good being applied with just fingers or with the foundation brush (I was using MAC 190). Also I realized it goes on much nicer and looks nice without applying foundation primer before (one with silicone). So, it makes easy to use foundation – no need of a primer (still will look good) and no need for a brush.
Coverage is medium. Very nice decent medium. It covers all imperfection except really heavy ones – like red spot from previous acne. It does neutralize it but does not cover it completely. I do not add concealer just dab a little bit more of a foundation on that spot. It feels lightweight on skin and helps with dryness in a way that when I apply it it does not make my skin feel tight nor it enhances dry areas.
What I do not like is that it enhances my pores, it enhances them terribly. It setltles in them no matter how much I blend. That’s pretty disappointing. So what I do is I use Mineralized skinfisnih natural on top and that fixes the issue. Actually I do not think this Mineralized moisture can be used on it’s own. The finish is so “wet” and so glowy that it really needs something on top to set it. I love foundations that are not matte, that give more of a natural healthy glow with a satin finish but this one as well as YSL touche eclat foundation are so wet and never set on their on and need some help on top in a form of any kind of powder. It doesn’t have to be MSFN. In the photos below I actually used MAC Careblend pressed powder. But I like how MSFN looks better.
Staying power is decent. As I said many times before I never have problem with products fading or sliding of my face. But Mineralize moisture does intend to fade if it’s really hot and humid, if you sweat or probably have some oil on your skin. With powder on top it’s good for about 6 hours before it’s start fading. Without it, you can see it gone and more settled into pores after 3 hours (at least in warm and humid climate).
I think this would work better as a winter foundation for normal/dry skin. That’s when I am planning on using it more.

Now let’s talk about ingredients! Just kidding I do not really pay attention to them or really know much about it BUT what really bothers me is that list of used ingredients becomes longer and longer and now one side of the box is not even enough to list them all so you will notice it continues on the other side! Not just with this product, I keep seeing this more often with the new products on the market. I am not liking it.

Photo on the left daylight without flash, photo on the right with flash – you can see how glowy it looks.
and set with the powder (in this case MAC Careblend)
This is the most expensive MAC foundation being priced at 34$ plus tax it gets you to around 37$. In my mind MAC foundations are usually priced around 26-28$ and not more than 30$ with a tax. MAC constantly keeps raising their prices.

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