MAC Moody Blooms collection – Black Ivy and Artistic Licence

MAC brought us super colorful collection called Moody blooms for summer 2014. Many eyeshadows, fluidlines and bright blushes were part of this collection. I picked up only two items – Artistic licence eyeshadow – ’cause I can’t resist anything pinky gold and Black ivy – cause I am sucker for fluidlines.

At first I skipped Black ivy thinking it’s too similar to Siahi that I’ve had for a while and barely ever use. Then I saw a look girl did on specktra forum and I went crazy and had to have it. I adore fluidlines and their beautiful creamy texture, easiness to apply, longevity (both in a jar and on a lid when applied), they don’t smudge, crease or flake…. It doesn’t get better than fluidline.

Now after beautiful photos I have to tell you I had bad luck with first Black Ivy I received. It was terribly sheer, dry texture, barely any pigment… The worst fluidline I have ever tried. Check out my swatches trying to build up the color – on the right only once dipped the brush in the product and did one swipe on the skin. In the middle dipped and swiped the brush twice across the product, and then on the the left dipped the product multiple times and loaded it with the product and applied God knows in how many layers on the skin trying to make it opaque.

Yes this one went back. I do not like to return products but this one was unusable. MAC can make a dud. It’s serial production and it doesn’t surprise me that not all are the same quality. The one I exchanged it for is so much better! One swipe only:

Artistic licence is a pinky gold eyeshadow with veluxe pearl finish – my absolute favorite from MAC. They have great pigment, opacity and beautiful finish. They are the softest and smoothest. Artistic licence is very similar to Expensive pink and honestly you do not need both. They are not exact dupes but similar enough. Expensive pink is more pink and has less gold in it with slightly better formula – creamier and more pigmented.

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