MAC Prolongwear waterproof brow set in Quiet Brunette

 A brush-on gel that grooms and defines brows into shape, naturally shading to create subtle or dramatic looks. The non-greasy formula sets hairs softly, providing a healthy-looking sheen in six new hues to match any hair colour, from deep ebony to shimmering soft gold-brown.

Back in May MAC released small brow collection that included repromoted Fluidline brow gelcremes – FINALLY (I reviewed Dirty blonde here ) and new Pro longwear waterproof brow set. Pretty much improved version of their existing brow sets (reviewed one of them here).

There is couple of things that make this brow set better than the one they had :

  • smaller and more precise brush
  • WAY more pigment
  • extremely water, sweat, smudge proof
Smaller brush is definitely big plus since you are able to control better where you apply the product. More pigment is great since you don’t have to layer the product to get any color to show up. Another awesome thing about it that it holds nicely onto skin, not just where you have hair. Texture is thicker, creamier and not so runny like with the old ones. 
Now onto staying power – it is UNBELIEVABLE.  Once it dries it doesn’t move. EVER. You need good makeup remover to get this thing off. You can rub, you can sweat, you can be super oily, it can be hot and humid, I am sure you can even swim with your eyebrows on and this won’t budge. 

Color is described as muted mid tone grayish brown. It is medium brown but has a lot warmth in it. It is definitely much warmer and less yellow than Beguile. It is closest in color to MAC Lingering which is my HG brow pencil. This is such a great product for super quick eyebrow filling. It holds unruly hair in place, gives nice definition to brows and you don’t have to worry they will ever look overdone. This is perfect product if you have never used any brow product before. It is fool proof.

Great job MAC I am highly impressed!

Old Brow set in Beguile compared to new smaller brush of Prolongwear brow set in Quiet Brunette

L- bare brows , R – one coat of Quiet brunette

MAC Prolongwear brow set retails for 16$ and has 5gr which I have a feeling will last me forever. 

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