MAC Select Extra Dimension x 2 Compact Fall 2017


Two new Extra Dimension x2 Compacts are our Artists’ current backstage secret weapons. These runway must-haves include a new shade of Extra Dimension Skinfinish and Extra Dimension Blush in each, and are available in limited supply to MAC Select Members ONLY. Both compacts deliver a luminous, well-defined finish to skin.

Last year MAC introduced Select –  M·A·C Select is M·A·C’s consumer loyalty program, a makeup-lovers’ cult for the seduced, devoted and downright obsessed. The more you spend the more benefits you get. One of the benefits MAC mentions is access to Select only members, early launches of collections, free shipping, samples etc…  I was so excited to see these two duos in my favorite Extra dimension formula.



Extra dimension blushes are one of the best (new) makeup products I’ve tried in 2017. Beautiful colors and glowy finish, it literally makes skin look like lit within. You can check out my review HERE .  Also review of the Extra Dimension skinfinishes that were released as a part of In the spotlight collection you can find HERE .



Select 1 :

Superb – soft peachy nude with multi-dimensional shimmer . Superb is the old shade repromoted couple of times and currently part of the permanent line. It is one of the MAC’s most popular items and I am not suprised to see it included in one of these duos although I would loved that MAC actually used all 4 new shades. Superb is very opaque and applies and blends like a dream. It is such a perfect highglihter for the medium and darker skin tones while on me (currently NC25) it gives decent amount of color . If you already don’t have it as a single grab it in this duo you won’t regret it.

Selected – midtone warm rose . Selected is one of those shades that look underwhelming in the pan, almost boring but once applied you will learn to appreciate how gorgeous it is. So soft and wearable, but at the same time buildable color. It has a nice satin finish so it’s a perfect choice for those who stayed away from most of the Extra dimenison blushes previously released due to a lot of shimmer and metallic finish.


Select 2 :

Preferred -golden champagne . Ahhh how gorgeous!! I love golden highlighters and this one is the perfect shade.  It is less yellow than Oh Darling but it is darker than Beaming blush. It is perfection.

Private Reserved -soft pinky peach . Private reserved blush appears more peachy in the pan. Since this was blind buy for me I was trying to find some swatches online since the blush seemed pretty orange in the pan but actually once on skin it pulls more peachy pink and so soft and wearable. I honestly can’t decide which duo I love more. Select 1 is more neutral and Select 2 is on a warmer side. Do you need them both? YES! If you like Extra dimension formula don’t hesitate and get these I am sure they will sell out fast.


L-R : Select 1 (Superb, Selected) , Select 2 (Preferred, Private Reserved)


L-R : Select 1, Select 2


No surprise to see MAC release these duos after the success of the 2 blush/highlighter duos from the Nutcracker collection. I purchased one of them – Sweet peach face palette and reviewed HERE . It has been one of my most used items in 2017.


These palettes retail for 35$ and are available at where I ordered mine.

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