MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder Review, Photos, Swatches

 MAC Shell pearl beauty powder is part of the Year of the snake collection that’s online exclusive. Item is repromote and first time was released with Liberty of London collection.
I have no idea why I didn’t buy it then but it just did not catch my eye. 
This time I ordered it based on some recommendations and old swatches. Some of them looked pretty dark so I was worried how is it gonna look on my skin. 
Well no reason to worry about because it’s nothing less than stunning!
MAC describes their beauty powders as “highlight, soft blush, or overall finish”
I definitely agree on highlight  This is going to be beautiful highlight for warmer and lighter skin tones, paired with peachy, coral or pink blushes.

On very light skin tones it can be worn as a blush. Denser blush and adding more product I think will make it  show up more. Also wearing it over cream base (like MAC hush, strobe cream etc) can be good idea too.

As for overall finish I am not so sure, because it might just have too much color. 
Maybe on medium and darker skin tones?
Color is soft peachy pink with golden sheen. There is no shimmer, just sheen. Beauty powders are great if you want highlight but you hate shimmer (like the one in MSF).
It gives that healthy glow to the skin. I think it’s very work appropriate or for daytime use with being this subtle.
It’s so easy to work with and you don’t have to worry that you’ll overdo it and walk around like disco ball.
Color actually reminds me of softer toned down NARS orgasm.
I wish MAC would release more Beauty powders and keep some in their permanent line.

Left -light blended swatch
Right -heavy swatch
NC15/20 skin
Great product, very versatile and wearable, decent amount for great price. 
Only thing I can complain about is that if MAC insist so much on interesting LE collections and packaging than they should not make only sleeve for the box but actually make the actual product have the snake print (in this case). OK it does have snake print inside but that will wear off with use and outside box still looks plain.

Honestly I do not care about packaging that much nor I chase LE products just for it, but making just sleeve with snake print is stupid. And this is not the first time MAC did it.

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