MAC Strobe liquid lotion review, photos, swatches

 Blending soft-focus diffusers with iridescent pigments, this ultra-fluid strobe formula produces a soft, radiant light on the skin, reducing the appearance of skin imperfections by providing a natural-looking glow. Refreshing. Spreads on smoothly and absorbs quickly. Leaves the skin looking healthier and more radiant. A lighter-weight addition to the popular Strobe Cream

Strobe liquid lotion is very versatile product, and that’s one of the reasons I like it. Can be used as a foundation primer – or not exactly primer but something under foundation to prep the skin, can be used as illuminator/highlighter or can be mixed with the liquid foundation. Whatever you find easiest or best option for your skin or look you are going for.
You can also mix it with your body lotion to get some glow on your body.
Most of the time I just spread it over my moisturizer and before my foundation. I like using it especially on those days when I look tired, and my skin is dull. 
I tried swatching it in a daylight and with the flash so you can see how it looks. It is not shimmery or at least it is not visible when applied all over before foundation. It just makes skin glowy and pinkish tint to it helps make it more radiant and less dull and yellowish. 
Formula is very thin and watery. Spreads easily and absorbs immediately. Unfortunately I have not tried Strobe cream to compare it to. This would work for combination/oily skin because of it’s very light feel on the skin. If you are drier you will need moisture underneath it.
Packaging is great – already comes with a pump that you can lock with simple turning from one side to another.
It has 1.7oz /50ml and is very good value for the price. Especially because you need so little, it will last you a while. 

Blended in daylight and with flash:

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