MAC Studio sculpt defining powder in Light plus

Barely-there gel formula provides sheer coverage in a weightless application. Extremely silky and cream-like, it encompasses the best properties of liquid and powder for a sculpted look without a heavy makeup feel.

 Studio sculpt defining powder is latest addition to MAC’s studio line. It is meant to compliment their Studio sculpt foundation but I wore it with other MAC liquid foundations and  loved it. 
First and foremost : THIS IS NOT CONTOUR POWDER!
In this era of massive extreme contouring when MAC released info on this product and had “defining powder” in the name everyone went crazy how MAC is releasing contour powder. No it is not. It is your basic setting powder for all over the face with an interesting texture. 
It comes in MAC’s signature round black case and it’s identical to Careblend and Studio fix powder packaging. 
I picked out color Light plus which I also wear in Careblend and Mineralize skinfinish natural.

Now a bit more about the texture. It is gel to powder and kind of feels stiff. You will need a brush that’s shorter and denser to pick up more product. This kind of texture makes it look invisible on skin and very lightweight. There is no regular “powder” feel to this. You really need to try it yourself to see what I am talking about. I have never had a product like this one. I love how it evens everything out but it doesn’t ever cake up nor it accentuates dry spots. Wears really good too. 
This is a good choice for normal and dry skin and if you want a powder that will even you out without adding that extra layer of makeup on your skin. 

I fell in love with this as soon as I swatched it at Bloomies. Finish is what got me right away. It is illuminating, but very soft without any large shimmer. It is your Meteorites perles in a pressed version (and much cheaper). I also adore Careblend which is great for dry skin because it is soft and “creamy” but Careblend almost has matte/satin finish to it. And feels havier on skin while adding some extra coverage when worn over liquid foundation. Studio sculpt feels much lighter on skin and it has soft glowy finish. I am so glad MAC came out with this powder. These two will be my staples from now on.

It was hard trying to capture how it looks on skin because it is supposed to be seamless. I made heavy swatch to try to show you. As you can see in daylight there is no shimmer to it and you can see how lightweight it seems. 

Heavy finger swatch and taken with flash – you can see tiny silver shimmer in it.

What made me not order it right away when it was released was this talk going on that it runs much darker than other MAC powders. Absolutely not true. Here you can see Mineralize skinfinish, Careblend and Studio sculpt all in Light plus.
Such a winner from MAC. Great addition to their line! Retails for 32$

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