MAC Temperature Rising Pro Longwear bronzing powder in Sun Dipped

Combining comfort, flawless sheer-low transparent coverage and long-wear, this is bronze with a fully dimensional yet natural finish. Packaged in a limited-edition soft touch bronze compact.

MAC Prolongwear bronzing powder in Sun Dipped is part of the Temperature rising collection for summer 2013. It was also part of the Hey sailor collection in 2012. When that was released I went to counter , swatched all 4 bronzers and passed. I already had Refined golden and just bought back up of that one. I was not impressed with Prolongwear formula or I just did not get what’s so special about it compared to regular MAC bronzing powder formula. 

Anyway fast forward to Temperature rising. I went to counter on the same  day  it was released. I wanted to swatch and see everything before I decide. Fortunately it was released first in EU and I was able to hear thoughts and see pictures of my dear friend Liv who already bough it. I saw her swatches and based on how she described it I knew I will love it. Thank you Liv for making me buy this beauty! If it was not for her I would probably pass this again. And why? Main reason is that all of the bloggers out there claim that this has strong red undertone, more red than Nude on board (well that for sure since it’s so yellow) as well more than Refined golden (no way) and Soft sand (haven’t tried that one). 

I do not see anything red in this bronzer. It is neutral bronze with soft golden pearl. Texture is smooth like a butter and blends like a dream. I am NC20 and this blends right into my skin tone. It looks so natural, like a have a real tan! (I wish). Even though it has fine golden shimmer it is very subtle and not really visible when blended on skin. It is more of a golden glow. I also added Dior Nude shimmer  on top for extra shimmer (Yes I am a shimmer whore and can’t help it).

It comes in a limited edition bronze packaging that reminds me a lot of NARS rubber packaging.  It is simple but effective. I actually like it more than some other MAC LE packaging that look more like kid’s makeup. 

As you may already know I have tons of bronzers but a pale girl can never have too many tan faking products! I love love Sun dipped and I am so glad I bought it. I can see myself using it a lot. Can it actually become my new favorite and take over the throne from Refined Golden??

Couple of comparsion photos and swatches. Top row L-R : Sun Dipped, Refined golden, Guerlain 4 Seasons naturel blodes

 I find that it’s very hard to swatch bronzers and show how pretty they are.You have to make a heavy swatch to show the color but at the same time they end up looking terribly dark and orange/brown. Bronzers should always be tried on  skin/face with the proper brush.

Sun dipped in color is closest to NARS Laguna. All the others you can tell are much warmer, have stronger red undertone and are more matte, without a sheen. 

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