MAC Underground Extra Dimension Skinfinish

June 22 marks the introduction of MAC Underground, a collection the brand describes as a series of products developed and launched at “hyper speed” — a means of disrupting the traditional workflow and allow for the rapid creation of limited quantities of new items.

And to kick off this new concept, MAC’s first Underground product is an Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlighter in a shade called Precious — an absolutely stunning blend of rainbow colors made with Pride in mind. “This rainbow-hued highlighter is the perfect way to kick off a new series of products we love,” Ojo said, “and we can’t wait to see the bright and bold looks that come of it.”

I was so glad I was able to get my hands on this limited edition. Refreshing MAC website and waiting for the moment for this to drop kind of reminded me of good old MAC days when things were sold out in minutes… The only negative I can say is that I wish this was the size of the regular EDSF not the size of the Extra Dimension eyeshadow – but oh well like I will ever use it up! This is by no means subtle – it is intense!! Blue part really makes it stand out and I feel it would look really nice on the eyes too.

Can’t wait to see what’s next for MAC Underground!

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