MAC Wash&Dry Studio sculpt defining bronzing powder Golden rinse

Turn up the dial from warm to haute, as Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder takes you from light brick-bronze with fine shimmer to deep bronze with golden shimmer. Features our unique “Liquid Powder” formula. Colour glides on flawlessly with a velvety touch. Sheer yet buildable; silky and skin-like; matte but with a luminous finish. Features specially designed packaging.

MAC summer collections are the ones that get me most excited. In the past couple of years I would always order Refined golden bronzer since it’s my all time favorite. This is the first time I haven’t and instead I decided to try out new and limited edition bronzer formula. I already have tried and loved their Studio sculpt powder (reviewed HERE ). Another bronzer formula I loved and I can’t believe they  made it limited edition is their Prolongwear one in the shade Sundipped (reviewed HERE ).

I have to be honest I am not big fan of the Wash&Dry packaging . I think MAC can do so much better with summer collection packaging – just look at last year’s Alluring aquatics.
As soon as the swatches started rolling out for Golden rinse immediately it was compared to last years Aphrodite’s shell ( reviewed HERE  ) which became one of my most used MAC items – kind of funny since when I purchased it I wasn’t crazy about it. I just didn’t understand what’s the hype about. But since then I have been using it so much in combination with EDSF Double definition. Aphrodite’s shell and Golden rinse are very very similar in the terms of color but Golden rinse has a lighter sheerer texture and not so much metallic finish.
I already wrote about texture of Studio sculpt powder – it is very light , AIRY would be the perfect word to explain it. People complain how sheer it is – well it is supposed to be sheer but buildable. It gives the most natural look and finish with that sheerness. No you do not need special brush to scratch the product to get something to show up. I think misunderstanding of this formula led to all those bad reviews. You need to understand the product and it’s formula and you won’t be disappointed by having different expectations from it.

Color is pretty warm with golden sheen to it. It’s described as  light brick reddish bronze with fine shimmer . If your skin is more on a warmer side or neutral don’t skip this beauty. Especially if you skipped Aphrodite’s shell last year.

From this collection I also purchased two of the limited edition brushes 125 and 126 – ,they are both split fiber meaning they are synthetic on one side and natural hair on the other side. I love love this concept. I already own two brushes like these and they are phenomenal for either cream products or for the product that is less pigmented. I apply product first with the synthetic side since it picks up more product and then I blend it with natural side. I initially only wanted to get brushes from this collection but I broke down and got bronzer also (I needed it like a hole in my head).
MAC Studio sculpt bronzing powders are limited edition and retail for 35.50$. I purchased mine at

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