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Mario Badescu had a singular vision: He wanted to introduce to New York City his European-style facials—mastered back in his native Romania based on classic, Old World techniques. To Badescu, beauty and skin care were unequivocally intertwined. He understood the importance of recognizing the uniqueness of skin, and thus came to design a line of handmade products to suit clients’ individual skin types and needs.

It was 1697 in his Manhattan apartment when the now world renowned salon was born. And it is still as popular many years later.  Read more
I wanted to show you couple of my old favorites as well as some new ones that I recently discovered.

Drying lotion is MB’s iconic product. The first time I tried it was 6 years ago and since then I have never been without it. It is formulated with salicylic  acid , zinc oxide and sulfur among other ingredients to efficiently dry out acne. It is very efficient but doesn’t dry out the skin. I use it overnight and in the morning acne is not just dried out but redness and skin inflammation is reduced too. Rule n 1 do not shake it! Dip the q tip all the way to the bottom into pink sediment. You will have enough to treat 5-10 pimples. Apply directly on them and do not rub it in. With that said very little goes a long way and will last you a while.  In case you accidentally shake it (I noticed people have this urge as soon as they grab it to give it a good shake) just leave it overnight to settle and it will be as good as new.  Drying lotion retails for 17$ and comes in both plastic and glass bottles. You can find it at Nordstrom, Ulta, Saks 5th ave as well as on Mario Badescu official website.

Special hand cream with vitamin E is one of the richest and most moisturizing hand creams I have ever tried. What sets it apart is very lightweight texture feels almost airy and absorbs instantly. It is packed with antioxidants. If you work in the beauty industry you have to sanitize/wash your hands very often throughout your shift and it leaves them so dry and cracked. Me and my coworkers loved using this cream in between the guests – it would give instant boost of moisture and relief without leaving greasy residue. My husband also uses it at work especially during winter when his hands get really dry and he prefers lighter textures since he is typing on the computer all day. You can also use it on your elbows, feet , knees or wherever you have extra dry skin. And let’s talk about the price – 8$ ONLY for large 4 oz jar. What a steal.  Oh and not to forget it has beautiful soft scent.

Another cult favorite is the Facial spray or how many like to call it “rose spray”. This is my summer must have. I like to leave it in the fridge for special burst of freshness in the morning. It leaves skin hydrated and glowy. You can also use it after your makeup to get rid of the “caked” look or just throughout the day to refresh your skin and makeup (especially if you live/work in the dry climate or with the AC on). It has soothing rose scent. Retails for 7$ and there is also smaller travel size as well as the larger 8 oz size for 12$.

This is my first time trying Alpha grapefruit cleansing lotion and so far I am loving how gentle and hydrating it is. Don’t be confused by the name – most of it’s toners MB calls “lotion”. This is alcohol free toner that exfoliates with help of AHA and makes dry and dull looking skin look more radiant. It uses power of fresh fruit extracts to gently cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.  This is great for dry, sensitive or skin with discoloration or hyper pigmentation.  Gentle AHA exfoliation also helps with appearance of fine lines (yes please!). I use it after my cleansers applied on cotton pad and gently wipe my face and neck in outward motion.  Retails for 15$.

This is my second tube of Exfoliating botanical scrub and I remember firs time I tried it how excited I was since all of the other MB scrubs I have tried before weren’t rough enough for my taste. This is perfect! It has thick gel like consistency with finely ground seeds of the Ecuadorian ivory palm. It is efficient but gentle enough if you have sensitive/dry skin. It easily gets rid of the dead skin cells while being hydrating due to coconut and aloe. I love that squeaky clean feeling but I hate when my skin feels stripped and tight after exfoliation. Exfoliating botanical scrub became my in-shower must have. Retails for 26$.
I have to admit that when someone mentions “collagen” I always associate it with thick heavy night creams. I was wrong obviously since Collagen moisturizer is one of the most lightweight day moisturizers I have ever tried. It is rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, collagen and cottonseed oil. It helps hydrate, smooth and plump the skin. I can see this being a perfect choice for men if they are looking for anti aging moisturizer due to being VERY lightweight. For me this is perfect during warmer months. During winter time I would need something thicker and heavier at least during night time. Mind that my skin is normal/dry and that it gets severely dehydrated during winter due to living in harsh Midwest climate.  But for someone who has normal or even combination this would be perfect year around.  I also enjoy using it underneath the makeup because it smooths the skin and absorbs instantly. It contains SPF 15 which for some might be enough (me example since I do not intentional suntan) but others who prefer higher protection they can follow with their regular SPF. Retails for 24$
These products were sent to me by Mario Badescu for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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