My picks from MAC Faerie Whispers Collection

Live out your fairy tale with charmed hues inspired by the secret, wondrous world of fairies. Skin looks soft and gentle in feathery pinks and pearl-lit nudes. Light up eyes with luminous wet or dry shades of new Foiled Shadows.

MAC Faerie whispers collection promised to be so dreamy and beautiful based on their promo photo!  I picked up only three items that I feel I might get most use of.

If you are not familiar with MAC beauty powders they are very finely milled with a delicate tint. With that said depending on their color they can be used couple of different ways:

  • As an all over finishing powder to give nice healthy glow to the skin (think of the lighter ones like in the Marilyn Monroe collection that almost seemed white but they actually would give nice brightening effect)
  • As a cheek color instead of a blush or in combination with a bronzer. they are not as pigmented as blushes and perfect to be used when blush seems “too much” just to enhance your “natural beauty”
  • As a soft “highlighter” or brightening powder (for more pigmented shades like Pearl sunshine) on medium/darker skin tones

Pearl Sunshine Beauty powder – Soft peach with pink pearl .

Pulls pretty warm on my skin but I like it more than any other beauty powder I bought so far. This one has much nicer softer silkier texture than the one from Cinderella collection. I plan to use it instead of blush just to give me enough warmth.

Sparkling Rose Iridescent pressed powder – Champagne with pearl

Many often as what is the difference between beauty powder and the iridescent powder? Think of it as a “soft glow” vs “glitter”. I do not like using word glitter in a bad way but often MAC iridescent powders are glitter bombs. I don’t mind and can pull them off but many dislike this. Cinderella one for example is very chunky and tends to migrate all over the place. Sparkling rose is definitely less of a glitter and more of a shimmer and is softer in texture, easier to blend.

Both beauty powders and iridescent powders are good picks if you do not want that metallic finish that Extra dimension products have nor something as noticeable as Mineralize skin finishes.

133 small cheek brush 

This is the product I was the most excited about from this collection.  133 brush is small (much smaller than I expected) and great for precise application of any kind of cheek product. I use it with very pigmented blushes for great control of how much and where I place it. It is extremely soft – think of 168 softness. This can be also great to use for powder setting under your eyes.

Have you picked up anything from this collection?

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