NARS Blush duo Albatross/Torrid

NARS Albatross/Torrid is one of three available Nars blush duos. 
From the official NARS website:
Our most dynamic duo of signature cheek shades for achieving the ultimate in sun-kissed radiance. The Blush/Bronzer Duos deliver a healthy bronzed glow and a randiant flush of blush.
* Iconic shades ideal for all skin tones * Natural looking, imperceptible finish * Made with transparent pigments to avoid heaviness on the skin

The Blush Duo provides a convenient way to create depth and add pop to the cheek. Use the deep tone under the cheekbone, blending up toward the apple so that the color hugs the cheek. Use the brighter or lighter tone directly on the apple, blending it into the contour color. Cheeks will look sculpted and defined.
Color are described as : Luminous glow/ Coral with shimmer

Why I initially got this duo is because i was not sure do I need/like these two colors. Highlighters I have plenty and something very similar to Albatross and Torrid looked so scary dark in the pan.
With the blush duo you get 10gr of product. Retails for 41$ so I think this is really good deal for the money, because you are not getting less of a product. Regular blushes have 4.8gr
Pan is slightly bigger than regular blush pan and is the same size as bronzer or powder from NARS.
It comes in classic black rubber packaging with a pretty big mirror inside.
Even though I thought I would like Albatross better I was wrong. Torrid is so beautiful and soft even on light skin (NC20) . I also love layering one on top of another. 
My problem with Albatross is terrible blending. It just sticks to skin where you lay your brush. I used different brushes with very light strokes and still did not figure out how to make this work for me. I think it just has way to much golden sheen to it. It is not glitter or shimmer it’s just sheen that looks like if you blend more it will just show up more and more. I don’t have problems with other gold toned products I have and my skin is warm but this is just too much. I don’t think this could ever work on cooler skin tones. 
I also asked my friend who is MUA and is lighter than me with cool skin tone (around NW10/NW15) and she told me she has the same problem. She also loved Torrid. 
Torrid has golden shimmer in it but when applied with brush it does not transfer to skin, or just very little. Blends easily and I never had any problems with application no matter what brush I used (fan brush, mac 188…).
All the swatches I did are with muyfingers and are pretty heavy to show the color.
I was trying to capture how golden actually Albatross is. These two are in daylight.

Swatch with flash:
Artificial light:
Overall I am glad i bought this and not two individual full size products even though you get same amount of product this is more convenient for travel or purse. I do not reach very often for Albatross. Torrid is must have for any coral blush lover.

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