NARS Complexion with Sheer glow and Loose powder

A glowing, satin-finish foundation with sheer and buildable coverage that immaculately evens skin tone. Replete with skincare benefits and the NARS Complexion Brightening Formula, it leaves skin hydrated, more luminous, softer and smoother. Used daily, Sheer Glow Foundation improves the skin’s brightness and texture. 
For normal, normal-to-dry and dry skin types 
Hydrates for softer and smoother skin 
Contains powerful anti-oxidants to protect against damaging free radicals and turmeric extract to improve skin’s radiance and tone 
Dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic. Fragrance free. Consumer Testing Results: 
100% skin felt soft and smooth 
96% evened out skin tone 
96% would recommend Sheer Glow to a friend 
92% says skin looks brighter and more radiant 1.0 Fl. Oz. 30 mL

I bought Sheer glow two years ago after trying on a sample that  I got in sephora. I was so impressed with this foundation that I went right back after couple of days and got a bottle. OK something really weird happened – I have believed for two years until today that I have shade Deauville – well gues what? I don’t. Even though I requested Deuville and it said Deuville on the box. When I was taking photos of the bottle for this review I was so shocked to see I have Ceylan!! So either someone in manufacturing put the wrong bottle in the box or someone was messing with it in the store. And I was so surprised when I tried it that they describe Deuvile as “balance between pink and yellow tones” because mine was so damn yellow! Even though I always buy yellowish foundations this looked weird. That’s not unusual because Ceylan is described this way on NARS website: ” For Asian skin light to medium with yellow undertone”. 

Well I will just have to live with it… and try to use the whole bottle.

With using it more and more I started liking it less and less. As my skin got drier I found that Sheer glow enhances my dry spots and my skin feels tight. It does give decent coverage, more than sheer. I would say it’s medium and buildable. 
Comes in a 1 oz glass square bottle. Biggest problem – it does not come with a pump! HELLOOOO it’s 46$ (with a tax) foundation and no pump? Come on it’s not 10$ revlon colorstay! So I had to buy a pump separately  It’s not just about the price it’s the poor availability. It could not be found in sephora nor nars counters. I only found it online on NARS website and Barney’s website. I waited to get free shipping code and ordered it. NARS Should start making this with the built in pump. 
It is advertised as glowing/illuminating foundation but I think it’s not. It has flat satin finish. I think it would look good on normal/combination skin.  Maybe even on oily with a good primer and setting powder. 

In real it is just a little darker than my skin but it does not photograph well. I looked pale as a ghost. 
I always wear it with NARS Loose powder in Eden as a setting powder. 
Triple milled into a light silky texture, Loose Powder provides sheer, natural coverage to set makeup, soften color and smooth the texture of the skin for an overall radiant complexion. The ultra-smooth formula blends undetectably to absorb excess oils and maintain fresh looking skin with an imperceptible finish. Use to set foundations, wear alone or lightly layered over Primers to enhance a natural complexion.
 * Triple-milled powder corrects and softens color * Enriched with Vitamin E * Packaged with a powder puff and both plastic and mesh sifters to provide the finest application possible

First of all check out the amount of this product -35g !!!
It has a great value for 35$
Biggest problem is packaging. It’s a mess!! Since I have two of these powders I wanted to take a picture of the one that I’ve never used. So take a look how a brand new one looks like. 
Can  you imagine how the one that has been used looks? Messy messy mess!
Comes with a powder puff that’s pretty stiff. I do not ever use it.
Product is nice, has more coverage than any loose powder I had opportunity to try. It’s slightly darker color than I need but lighter one is way too white.
I have to disagree that’s finely milled- for sure compared to Givenchy, MAC, Guerlain – it feels chunky and not as soft. But it does give nice finish to Sheer glow, smooth and more even. 
Sheer glow + Loose powder 
And just for sake of taking pics I added Laguna <3
I will not repurchase Sheer glow
Loose powder I have 70g – it will last me forever

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