NARS Dual intensity eyeshadow Callisto

Mesmerizing new Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow features a luxuriously smooth transformative texture. Twelve ready-to-wear and rebelliously romantic sophisticated shades to express a riveting range of eye drama. Go both ways.

Dual intensity eyeshadows are newest addition to NARS eyeshadow line. I love trying new products from NARS. Lately they have revamped pretty much their whole line up and some of the products are mind blowing. Yes Dual intensity eyeshadows will fall in mind blowing category.

Before I’ve tried them I had an idea that these have same or similar texture like Chanel Illusion d’ombre. That gel like feel but I was wrong. These are powder eyeshadows but slightly on a dry side – not in a bad way – not as “creamy” as Urban Decay for an example. BUT pigment is unbelievable. I ordered Callisto as this one is the first one that caught my eye – it is very unique icy pink silver with multicolored shimmer. Pigment in this one is superb and even dry is very opaque. I know some other shades are more sheer. For now I only used it dry on my lids but have tried it wet on my hand . When I wet the brush with MAC fix+ Callisto almost look like foiled – with super metallic finish.

It looks beautiful both ways. This can be also applied with fingers if you are using it all over your lid. It also makes great color for highlighting inner corner of the eye. I applied it using MAC 239 brush. I had no problem with blending it. Also I paired it with other NARS regular powder eyeshadows I own. Works great paired with them or applied over them for added sparkle. I wore  it over NARS eyeshadow primer and I had no problem with fading or creasing throughout the day.

Comes in a slightly different packaging than their powder eyeshadows. It’s smaller and more rectangular. Also it is just plain black plastic as opposed to regular  black rubber NARS packaging.
This is one of those complex colors that your camera just can’t capture the real beauty of it. You need to see this in person and you will love it.  I tried taking photos from different angles to be able to capture that stunning shimmer.
I will admit these are pricey – 29$ for one eyeshadows makes me twitch. I will pick up one or two more lighter shades to use as all over the lid colors but I hope they don’t come out with more awesome colors because I don’t know how will I keep up with that. NARS has been killing my wallet lately.

These finger swatches – one swipe only. Also this is how it looks when it’s dry and without a primer.

My look using NARS eyeshadows:
Callisto -all over the lid
Nepal-middle of the lid and slightly above the crease
Lhasa and Ashes to ashes in the outer corner and into the crease
Brousse 2 and Pandora 2 outer corner to make it darker
All of these shadows are part of the NARSissist palette
Eyebrows – MAC Lingering
Concealer – MAC studio finish
Mascara – Cils booster and  Lancome Hypnose

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