NARS Dual intensity eyeshadow Rigel Fall 2016

Mesmerizing new Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow features a luxuriously smooth transformative texture. Twelve ready-to-wear and rebelliously romantic sophisticated shades to express a riveting range of eye drama. Go both ways.
I previously reviewed Dual intensity shadow formula and performance here and the same goes for Rigel – very pigmented, smooth, easy to blend and great staying power. In order not to repeat myself I am just gonna quickly talk about Rigel’s color. It is the most gorgeous shimmering rose gold. It has fine shimmer without any chunky glitter or fallout. I can see this working nicely with Himalia and Subra for a nice warm toned eye look.
Below I compared Rigel, Dione and Himalia.

This is the only item I picked up from NARS fall 2016 collection. The whole collection is just awkward – some counturing products, couple of lip products and 3 eyeshadows. It seems like random products are just thrown in one collection that doesn’t even look “seasonal” .

Dual intensity eyeshadows retail for 29$ and I purchased mine at Sephora.

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