NARS Dual intensity eyeshadows – Dione and Himalia

Mesmerizing new Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow features a luxuriously smooth transformative texture. Twelve ready-to-wear and rebelliously romantic sophisticated shades to express a riveting range of eye drama. Go both ways.

NARS Dual intensity eyeshadows are meant to be used both wet and dry but 99% of time I use them dry because pigment is superb. I usually smaller denser brush like MAC 239 to apply them all over the lid or you can use any kind of synthetic flat brush to pick up enough product. I’ve had Callisto for a while (reviewed here ) and decided I need more colors from this range. Price is steep – 29$ each. It is hard deciding on a single shadow when there are so many palettes out there. So I need to like single eye shadow a lot in order to buy it. It’s also hard reaching for singles and trying to combine them and figure out the look when you have palettes that already have shadows that combine beautifully for fool proof looks.

I wanted to try lighter colors first that I can use all over the lid like Callisto but to be warmer in color. I picked up Himalia and Dione. They do look similar in the pan and swatched in direct sunlight but when you see them side by side indoors in natural light difference is pretty obvious. Dione is lighter and not as warm as Himalia. My idea was using both Dione and Himalia together with Subra (which I purchased too).

Shimmer in these is out of this world! Multi colored but very fine-  there is no large gritty glitter.

I wore Dual intensity over different primers – Urban decay, Nars… and it works great over all of them. They blend easily and I never experienced any creasing or fall out.

Since I am so pleased with Dual intensity shadows I would love to try their Dual intensity blushes. It would be great if NARS woul also make bronzers in this formula too.

Himalia – Shimmering topaz
Clockwise – Himalia, Dione, Callisto
Left : Dione – Metallic champagne beige   Right Himalia – Shimmering topaz
In this look I am wearing Dione all over my lid ( All about eve to highlight, Madrague 2 just above the crease, Fez middle of the lid, Bali and Coconut grove outer corner and crease)
NARS dual intensity shadows retail for 29$ and I purchased mine at Sephora.

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