NARS Kauai eyeshadow duo spring 2014 collection

NARS Spring 2014 collection is inspired by exotic places like Hawaii and Bahamas. Inlcudes some bold and electric colors. I only picked up two items from this collection – Kauai eyeshadow duo and Bimini lipgloss. I love how NARS combines colors that I would never think that could go together – electric purple eyes and guava orange lips? Yes why not.  To quote Francois “Rules are boring”. Both items I picked up are now part of NARS permanent range. 

Kauai is really unique and breath taking. I can’t think of any dupes especially for the lighter color.

Lighter shade is described as “gold lame”.It is very light gold, almost antiqued and more wearable than some bright yellow golds. It has very metallic finish with the same color shimmer that can become almost multi-colored depending on the light (I loved it the most under the artificial store lights). Texture is beyond amazing. I can easily say this is the best NARS eyeshadow duo texture wise. It is such a smooth silky and soft powder that will make you think it’s a cream. Incredibly pigmented. 
Darker shade in this duo is described as “iridescent smokey orchid” . I had to google orchid pictures, especially Hawaiian orchid and honestly that color has nothing to do with this. There might be some orchids that I managed to find pictures of that are very dark purple and do fit in this description but most of the orchids are much lighter and warmer toned. This eyeshadow does have some orchid color undertones but mainly it is medium-dark purple with shimmery finish. Though you want see shimmer itself it has very iridescent finish as well as lighter shade. This duo is not really work appropriate if you work in corporate worlds, it’s just too much for the office. Darker shade could be used as eyeliner – I think that might look beautiful even for everyday makeup. But both of these shades together will make anyone look more like a disco ball. 
Purple side of the duo is also very smooth and soft but not as pigmented as the gold side. It is not bad, but I had to make three swipes of the purple side to achieve the same opacity that I got with only one swipe of the gold side.
Indoor photos taken with flash:

Outdoors direct sunlight:

Indoors daylight:
Indoors with flash:

I am still trying to figure out how to wear this duo – both shades together or to combine it with something more matte and not as bright. I will post some eye look separately.  I often find that I can’t wear NARS duos the way they were supposed to – by itself. I have better luck when I combine them with other NARS eyeshadows I have.
Francois NARS named this duo by Hawaiian island of Kauai:
Experiencing Hawaii is something that you should put on you bucket list… It is wonderful experience and I was lucky enough to be able to visit Hawaii 4 years ago. Hopefully it’s not the last time. It is world for itself. Pictures and descriptions can do justice to this magical piece of land in the middle of the ocean. It is heaven.

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