NARS Light reflecting setting powder – pressed review

What it is:

A weightless, translucent powder for all skintones that creates a soft matte finish that looks luminous in any light. 

What it does:

This setting powder enhances the look of foundation without a trace of color, extending makeup wear thanks to the NARS exclusive Light Reflecting Complex™, which optimizes light-reflection on the skin. Its silky powder is infused with Photochromic Technology, which diffuses light and adjusts to new sources of light throughout the day. Soft, silky and luxurious to the touch and undetectable on the skin, this weightless formula applies evenly and blends effortlessly. One of the best parts? Fine lines, wrinkles, and pores optically fade as skin is visibly smoothed. Additionally, revolutionary microfine mineral powders are loaded with glycerin and antioxidant vitamin E to help guard against dryness and keep skin comfortable all day. Ideal for touch-ups, it helps regulate shine throughout the day and seamlessly sets foundation. This product is paraben- and fragrance-free and non-comedogenic. 

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

– Parabens 

What else you need to know:

NARS Light Reflecting Complex utilizes a blend of pure ingredients that work in synergy to transform light like a prism. Light-active micro-prisms are combined with algae extract and Polynesian seawater to optimize light reflection on the skin.

Research results:

In final clinical test results:

– 84% agree that the product was non-drying

– 72% agree that the product blurred enlarged pores

– 72% agree that the product blurred fine lines and wrinkles

– 94% agree the product smoothes out skin’s appearance

– 91% agree that the product absorbs excess oil

– 81% agree that the product sets the foundation

– 75% agree that the product helps the foundation and other makeup to stay put all day

NARS Light reflecting setting powder is one of the newly launched products in NARS complexion range. They did amazing job with pressed, loose powder, Pure radiant tinted moisturizer, concealer and of course Light optimizing primer. I had really high expectations for this setting powder. I did not get it right away since it reminded me of MAC prep+prime setting powder – and this one I have both in pressed and loose version. It is similar although texture is completely different. NARS powder has very unique texture and I am not even sure how to properly describe it – it is powder , and it feels like a very lightweight powder but when you touch it , it seems more like a cream, or even rubber. I know rubber might seem weird but that’s what it reminds me of. 
So, I did not need it that’s for sure. When I read Temptalia’s reviews of both pressed and loose version I noticed that loose is more matte while pressed is supposed to be more luminous. Matte does not work for me. While browsing at Sephora pressed version caught my attention because it looked so shimmery and sparkly. Later I realized when it’s brand new you are not able to notice that but more you use it, more you rub your brush or a sponge it becomes more and more shiny. Not in a bad way though. It looks super shimmery in the pan but on the skin it gives satin look leaning toward matte. 

I have been happy with my MAC prep+prime powders (although sometimes they dry me out and give me matte look) since they even out foundation beautifully. They would give me smooth poreless look. I expected the same from NARS minus the matte look. I wanted that “luminosity” that they promise. Instead I got matte look, my dry patches enhanced (I moisturized, used primer underneath), and my pores looked awfully large and filled with a powder! Actually powder settled so much in them and gave them that white cast. Boo! Maybe I was not applying it properly? I used large MAC powder brush and I really tried not to overdo it. I applied it in circular motion.

I was really disappointed. I am rarely ever disappointed by NARS. It’s one of my to go brands.  I can see this working much better on combination and oily skin. I think it would even out the skin and help with the oil.

Maybe I should have tried it with the sponge it came with? Anyway this is going back. I really dislike returning products, and do it very rarely. I do not have a lot of misses since I know what I like, what I am looking for and always research online before buying.

Packaging is a nice surprise. Little pouch with included sponge is a plus especially because most of the women will carry this with them for touch ups.

Besides that packaging is regular NARS black rubber packaging.

Powder in direct sunlight after couple of uses. You can notice the silver “shimmer”

With flash:
Heavy finger swatch on NC15/20, NARS Deuville skin. I wanted to show you how it smooths the skin, fills in lines, and gives matte look. Obviously you wouldn’t apply it this way on the face but how else to actually swatch translucent powder? There is a slight white cast, but the only reason for that is swatch being so heavy.

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