NARS Long hot summer eyeshadow palette

Bring the heat with a radiant set of six shimmering and matte bronzed shadows. Glowing tones from glistening champagne to captivating copper create soft-to-smoldering looks.
Set Features:
Long Hot Summer I, Long Hot Summer II, Belissima II, Long Hot Summer III, Long Hot Summer IV, Bengali.

Long hot summer is the softest palette NARS has made so far. It is perfect for creating very light , natural look. It creates very causal simple look. It is also nice to use just one of the shades all over the lid to brighten up. It has nice combination of neutral (almost cool toned) shades and some warm ones. Top row leans more neutral-cool although they do pull a bit warm on me, while bottom row is definitely warmer. Even when using the darkest shade in the palette -Bengali look is still very light. Perfect if you work in conservative corporate/office environment. Only two shades are repromoted from their permanent line – Belissima 2 and Bengali. None of the shades are terribly unique but palette is well made for beginners, someone who wears light makeup, or someone who needs one palette that is compact enough for travels.
All the shades were nicely pigmented and blended well.
Long hot summer 1 – Shimmering Cream
Long hot summer 2 – Bronze Taupe
Belissima 2 – Matte Gray-Brown
 Long hot summer 3- Shimmering Copper
Long hot summer 4 – Shimmering Warm Brown
Bengali –  Rich Chocolate Brown

I purchased my palette directly from . I ordered the first day it became available. Palette is priced at 45$ while I paid mine 52$. It was first listed for 52$ and couple of days later I noticed price changed on the website to 45$. I did call customer service to inquire about this and I have to report sadly that my experience with their CS was awful this time. Obviosly charged wrong price, but she wasn’t willing to do anything and she even yelled at me “I do not know what do you want me to do?”. Then she offered to refund me 1$. Yes 1$. This will make me rething ordering directly from their webiste. I rarely ever do because they have the crappiest shipping out there – fedex smart post and it takes at least 9 days to be delivered by awful USPS. Also there is always limit set at 50$ in order to get free shipping. Even though I love NARS so much they need to step up their game with better shipping options. The only things I order directly from the are the ones that are exclusive to the website , everything else I get either from Sephora or Nordstrom.

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