NARS Orgasm collection- comparison swatches

So we all know how legendary NARS Orgasm blush is…  I guess next logical step was expanding a line by creating illuminator, multiple, nail polish, lipgloss… and of course if that’s not enough you can always go with the Super orgasm 🙂

 Orgasm blush on me leans pink and it’s bright. I always have to be careful with application. I am not crazy about it but I can see why it’s so popular. Great combination of both peach and pink and works for wide range of skin tones.

Orgasm illuminator (I have mini gwp) is VERY sheer and more golden peachy, almost no pink in it. Nice for super light skin but I wish it had more pigment.
Orgasm multiple color wise leans more toward Super orgasm blush. It’s beautiful peachy pink with subtle glow. Love using it for quick makeup when I have no time. Must have! I have a mini one from the set of three mini multiples (other two are South beach and Copacabana -will review them separately).
I actually bought my multiples after seeing this video.
Super orgasm illuminator is the most similar in color to Orgasm blush but has more golden peachy shimmer. It is  sparkly but blends in so nicely. It looks very bright in the tube but when it’s sheered out it works even for very light skin. I’ve seen it on medium skin tone too and it looked great. 
Super orgasm blush in the pan looks like a golden glitter bomb. It has large glitter chunks.  That’s the reason why I never bought it. I love shimmer but not large glitter. I received mini gwp and boy I was so wrong about this blush! Glitter can be super easily dusted away, it does not stick to the skin (if it transfers to skin from brush at all). It’s much softer in color than Orgasm blush. Looks better on lighter skin and not as bright as Orgasm. Love it! 

I hope this helped you to get your best orgasm 😀 

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