NARS Pro-prime Light Optimizing Primer review

Primed. Revived. Radiant.NARS Light Optimizing Primer SPF 15 dramatically extends and transforms the appearance and vibrancy of makeup. Weightless and oil-free, it minimizes signs of fatigue to leave the skin luminous and revived. May also be worn alone as daily sun protection and/or to create a natural luminous complexion.

Dermatologist Tested
Oil-free. Paraben-free. Alcohol-free. Synthetic fragrance-free

Consumer Testing Results:

95% agree that this product prepare the skin for effortless makeup application

90% agree that this product prolonged foundation wear
87% agree that their foundation look more luminous when applying this primer beforehand
93% agree that they feel that their makeup looked fresh and vibrant for hours when using this product

For me this item from NARS was highly anticipated. Other primers that they have in their range did not catch my eye. I was not crazy about the high SPF or matte look. 
As soon as this came out, even without reviews out there I immediately ordered it. NARS completely revamped their complexion line up this year and I had really high hopes and expectations for this product. It did not fail!

Light optimzing primer comes in a sleek black tube. It is small and lightweight enough to be carried around if needed. Tube being sealed is something I really appreciate from brands. It has standard 1oz/ 30ml.  I love anything that promises radiance, illuminating effect, glowy skin… What can I do, I am sucker for everything not matte. Matte has been out of the picture for a while in the beauty industry. It’s all about nude, no makeup makeup look, more glow, more dewy look…Works for me!

Texture is EXTREMELY lightweight and thin. Major mistake someone could make about this primer is that it’s meant only for dry and dull skin. It will work wonders on combination and even oily skin since it is so lightweight. Once you blend it you will feel like you have nothing on your skin. It is probably the lightest primer I’ve ever tried. I know women with combo and oily skin try to avoid anything not matte, but please give this primer a shot.  It has subtle shimmer, I am not even sure I should call it a shimmer. Under the foundation or powder it’s not noticeable.
Another great thing is that it’s oil , fragrance and paraben free. Great for sensitive skin! It does not give that heavy silicone filling like most of the primers on the market. 
I took photos with flash indoors and outdoors in the direct sunlight to be able to show you actual glow and slight peachy pink color it gives. But it’s very sheer. I can also see this been worn over the foundation as highlighter if you do not want anything more dramatic. Also It can be mixed with liquid foundations especially the matte ones to give more glowy look.
So far I have only tried it before Sheer glow (that to me has no glow at all and slighty dries me out) and it did make difference. It looked less dry, less matte and more of a natural/satin finish. Next time I will try it before Tinted Moisturizer.
It has a good price point  – 34$ is not bad at all compared to some other primers on the market and compared to other NARS complexion items. 
I got mine at Sephora, but it also retails on NARS website, Nordstrom… 
My complain about NARS is that it’s not widely available in Europe. I do not think they are really aware of the demand for their products. 

Blended on NC15/20 skin, NARS Deuville
Photo taken inside with flash
Photo taken outside in the direct sunlight
Overall :
I am very impressed and this is one of my best purchases so far this year. I do plan to repurchase as soon as I ran out.  Great job NARS!

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