NARSissist eyeshadow palette

Are you a NARSissist? Cause’ I am! When I saw preview of this palette I could not wait to get my hands on it! What else could you ask for if you are eyeshadow fan and NARS fan? This is your dream come true – and mine too! 15 iconic shades in one palette is a great choice for someone who does not own any NARS eyeshadow or for someone who might have almost all of them but needs something more compact , purse or travel friendly. 

This palette contains:
All about Eve 1 – flesh toned neutral
Madrague 2 – matte caramel 
Fez- velvety cocoa
Bali – neutral 
Coconut grove -deep brown infused with reflections
Madrague 1 – matte cream
Nepal – soft sheer rose
Ashes to ashes – shimmery violet based brown
Brousse 2 – black violet
Mekong – espresso infused with gold
Belissima 1 – shimmering beige with subtle glitter
Lhasa – lavender gray
Bad behavior – deep pewter
Dogon 2 – charcoal black
Pandora 2 – matte black

I have read so many different reviews on this palette that makes me wonder if some women even know how to use makeup… anyway here are my thoughts.

All about eve – soft, neutral, so light that blends right into my skin tone. Great for all over base color or for the inner corner/ brow bone. Good pigmentation and easy to work with.

Madrague 2 – much lighter in the pan than when applied on skin. On me it shows up much darker, which surprised me. Great transition color for above the crease. Even though it’s matte it’s easy to work with (some NARS mattes are little bit tricky and takes time and patience to figure out the best way to apply them).

Fez– serious stunner. One of the best colors in the palette. In the swatch below I used only one swipe with the brush. Please note how much pigmentation it has, it is super opaque and almost feels creamy. My top 3 from this palette for sure.

Bali – super wearable, soft, easy to blend such a staple color. It has been on my wishlist for a while and I am glad it came with this palette. I love using shades like this one for the outer corner.

Coconut grove – next to MAC’s handwirtten the best matte brown eyeshadow I have ever tried. Very pigmented, can be used as an eyeliner too! I had no problem with application or blending. Matte texture but very “creamy” (what a wrong way to say it) meaning it is not dry or doesn’t have any fallout.

From the first row I did not have any of the colors. Bingo! I usually avoid NARS palettes because for example – I already have 6 out of 9 colors they put in a palette.

Madrague 1 – it is so sheer that I can’t see it being use for anything but highlighter. Which is ok, some of the colors have to be for that too. I had to make about 3 swipes with the brush to get anything to show up on my skin.

Nepal – very wearable soft pinkish color, great for all over the lid. Decent pigmentation, I won’t say it’s great but it’s not bad either.

Ashes to ashes – one of the most popular shades from NARS. It’s a nice taupey violet based brown. I can see this looking great on everyone. Good for a quick makeup all over the lid and with the eyeliner. Soft and wearable, office friendly. It could have been more pigmented. It does not have visible shimmer.

Brousse 2 – it is dark violet with some dark grey tones to it. No black in it really. It is on a drier side, and it takes couple of swipes to build the color. I think it compliments other colors in this row nicely.

Mekong – I do not see how this color fits into this row and an idea of taupey, rosey, violet colors. Mekong is dark chocolate brown infused with gold. Not that I am saying it has to be used with other colors from the row, but it’s an odd choice. I already have single of this one and it is very pigmented and great color for brown/bronzey neutral smokey eyes. When swatched just with finger you will notice gold shimmer more, but when blended with the brush shimmer mostly disappears and you end up with very dark brown.

Belissima 1– one of the worst NARS eyeshadows I’ve tried. I already reviewed it here. Color is mostly non existing , it just offers golden shimmer. It is ok over other eyeshadows to give some shimmer or maybe for the outer corner but I find it hard to work with. Layering layering, patting the color on…. too much work for my taste.

Lhasa –  surprise number 2! I have swatched it a while ago and found that it’s too dry and not really pigmented so I skipped even though I liked the color. Liv from blushnglow liked it and I should have listened to her. I am so glad it came in this palette! Great pigment, soft, easy to blend one swipe and it’s completely opaque… I can go on and on how impressed I am with this color and it’s texture.

Bad behavior – I am surprised they put an eyeshadow that’s not from their regular line but Cinematic one – limited edition from Guy Bourdoin collection. I want to know how did I miss on Bad behavior?? How? I only got Mississippi mermaid which I loved. I wish all the NARS shadows have this specific texture. I am blown away by Bad behavior. It’s such a complex color – deep pewter but it has tiny shimmer that’s pink, silver, blue etc… Pictures don’t really do justice. I tried to capture but I am not sure how successful I was.

Dogon 2 – great for outer corner if you do not want to go with something as bold as black. Slightly dry texture, and sheer pigment but buildable. I have Dogon from the first release but do not use it often.

Pandora 2– great matte deep black. Very pigmented and easy to work with. Probably the best
matte black eyeshadow I have tried.

Size comparison with NARS blush or eyeshadow duo (their compacts are the same size) and NARS single eyeshadow 

Photos taken with flash:

L-R : All about eve, Madrague 2, Fez, Bali, Coconut grove

L-R : Madrague 1, Nepal, Ashes to Ashes, Brousse 2 , Mekong

L-R : Belissima 1, Lhasa, Bad behavior, Dogon 2, Pandora 2

Check out the beautiful shimmer in the Bad behavior <3
What I have read out there  – pigment and quality is not the same as their single and duo eyeshadows. I have to disagree. I wonder if people who claim that actually do have their single and duo eyeshadows? I would say no. Yes quality can be different across the line and NARS does have some hits and some misses when it comes to their eyeshadows but this palette pretty much represents how NARS eyeshadows are. They are not as soft and “creamy” as for example Urban Decay. I would say they are on the same page as MAC. 
Others claim that darker shades are hard to work with. Whaaat? Darker shades in this palette are absolute winners! They are so pigmented and smooth and much better than the light ones. 
Thank you NARS for making this wonderful palette for all of us who already have a lot eyeshadows but also for those ones who are just being introduces to your brand. 
My top 3 from the palette : Fez, Lhasa and Bad behavior 
3 most disappointing: Belissima, Dogon 2, Brousse 2

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