Weight Claim:  30 ML/1 FL OZ / | Price: $125 | Available:  January 2013

FIRMx™ Firming Night Moisturizer, straight from the PTR research facility, contains 34.8% Growth Factor Night Complex™. It is a youth activating night moisturizer that helps firm, tone, moisturize, and improve the appearance of elasticity and bounce. Growth Factor Night Complex™ is a synergistic cocktail of 17 extremely effective ingredients totaling 34.8% of the formula. Growth factor helps promote
cellular proliferation to help support skin’s natural repair mechanisms. Plant stem cells help skin recover elastic properties. Plant extracts help firm and tone the look of skin. A peptide blend helps improve the appearance of skin firmness and smoothness. Skin is bathed in immediate moisture that lasts all night for locked-in benefits. Awake to restored youthful looking contours, firmness and definition.

Beauty sleep is a term that should be taken seriously when it comes to your skin.  Biologically our bodies work on 24 hour cycles called Circadian Rhythms that control our key functions.  Our skin is the same.  During the day hormone levels rise defensively while the skin works hard in a state of high alert battling UV, pollution and the elements.  At night, the skin transitions to a reparative mode, helping to undo some of the damage incurred during the day and over time.  According to scientists, cell regeneration nearly doubles at night.  Additionally, trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) is the highest at night, so skin is the most dehydrated and dry.  Biologically skin is most receptive to repair and moisture during night hours due to this internal “clock”.
The ingredients in FIRMx™ Firming Night Moisturizer have been specifically selected to take advantage of this optimal time to replenish and restore the skin.  When facial muscles and skin are relaxed and at ease and when the body is most biologically receptive to repair and moisture replenishment.  Awake to restored youthful-looking contours, firmness and definition.

Firming, Contouring & Restoring Elasticity:
Nutrex EGF at 5% – a NEW synthetically bioengineered Growth Factor that helps stimulate collagen and
   promotes cell proliferation in order to activate the skin’s natural repair mechanism.
Citrustem™ at 3% – plant stem cells help skin to recover the elastic properties it had 12 years ago!
Zirhafirm™ at 3% – helps to firm and tone skin, restoring skin elasticity and facial contours.
Biopeptide EL™ at 4% – helps to improve skin firmness and helps decrease skin slackness.
Gelalg® at 3% – a red seaweed extract that works to help moisturize, firm and smooth skin.
Perfection Peptide P3 at 1% – helps encourage skin desquamation for a smoother look and feel.
Peptide Vinci 02™ IS – a peptide that that helps promote skin hydration and smoothing.
BioNymph Peptide – helps to promote collagen production, helping to enhance skin structure.
AT Peptide™ IS – is an energy boosting peptide that helps to refine the appearance of facial contours.
Dermocea® – a marine-derived active that helps firm and plump.

Moisturization & Soothing:
Trimoist at 5% – creates a 3-part protective moisture film over skin to help keep it comfortable, smooth and strong.
Aloe – helps soothe, calm and replenish skin.
Avocado Oil – rich in natural fatty acids and omega-3’s, helps restore skin barrier function.
Shea Butter – naturally moisturizing, helps replenish moisture and infuse Vitamins A & E.
Panthenol (Vitamin B5) – a deeply penetrating moisturizer, helps plump and soothe.
Caffeine – helps to firm via moisturization.
Vitamin E – antioxidant that helps to fight free radical attack.
Evening Skin Tone:
Chromobright, Mica & Optical Chronospheres – help to significantly and immediately brighten and blur skin imperfections.


Apply nightly alone or over FIRMx™ Growth Factor Extreme Neuropeptide Serum and with continued use.

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