New from Redken – Diamond Oil Haircare line

Diamond Oil Haircare Line
strength and shine for dull/damaged hair

NEW Diamond Oil is the next generation in oil care that provides 3X stronger hair* and 2X more shine**! The Diamond Oil Haircare line contains Redken’s NEW Shine Strong Complex, featuring a nourishing blend of natural apricot, camelina and coriander oils which penetrate to the core, strengthening from the inside out. Diamond Oil revives hair and restores vibrancy, smoothes the cuticle, and increases reflectivity to maximize strength and shine. The range contains a Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Facets oil enriched intensive treatment, and two silicone-free oils: Shatterproof Shine and Shatterproof Shine Intense.

NEW Shine Strong Complex delivers a nourishing blend of natural apricot, camelina and coriander oils. Each of these oils were chosen for their unique ability to target different layers of the hair due to their molecular weights. The 2 oil treatments contains 99% natural oils and are silicone-free, which allows the oils to better penetrate to the core. Hair is fortified and conditioned , sparkling with prismatic diamond-like shine

Coriander Oil: seals and smoothes to boost shine

Camelina Oil: fills in gaps to soften
Apricot Oil: penetrates to condition from the inside out

The Interlock Protein Network™ (IPN)
The shampoo, conditioner, and mask contain IPN technology comprised of three ingredients that work together in the wet and dry phases to repair hair from the inside out.

  •  Keralink™ – a specialized protein co-polymer that acts in the wet phase by binding moisture to hair while strengthening deep within the hair fiber.
  •  Amino Acids and Protein – act together in the dry phase creating an ionic bond with hair’s keratin to rebuild surface protection and help enhance hair’s texture and shine

Nourishing oil-enriched care gently cleanses and leaves hair fortified and sparkling with diamond-like shine.


Moisturizing oil-infused care infuses hair with moisture for improved manageability and increased shine.

 Deep Facets

oil enriched intensive treatment

Intensive treatment deeply strengthens and provides a protective layer to prevent damage and increase shine.

Shatterproof Shine Intense
Coriander, Camelina, Coconut & Apricot Oils

Hair Type: Coarse Hair Diameter


Shatterproof Shine

Coriander and Apricot Oils

Hair Type: Medium Hair Diameter


Who is Diamond Oil For:

The Diamond Oil Haircare line targets dull/ damaged hair for strength and shine.
How to Use:
Shatterproof Shine (Medium Hair) and Shatterproof Shine Intense (Coarse Hair):
Start with a small amount 2-3 drops for each application and increase as needed. Rub hands together to warm the oil, this helps with distribution and application. Apply to the driest/ frizziest areas of hair first, typically the ends

I do not remember being excited about any hair product as I am about the whole Diamond line! Can’t wait to try it!

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