Nothing but love for The Body Shop Shea line


Shea line is by far my favorite from The body shop. It’s made to target dry skin concernes but it can work as well for normal skin. It has the most neutral scent of all TBS ranges and it almost has this masculine note to it (especially if you try the body mist).

I like body products with neutral scents since they do non interfere with fragrance I am wearing.

I have tried quiet a lot of products from the Shea line and two that I have been using the longest are : body butter and body scrub – which I previously reviewed  here. Scrub has been my go to during winter months since it’s so gentle but effective and I love it’s combination of sea salt and sugars. Also I love how skin feels soft smooth and not tried out after I use it. Once a week is enough for me

After exfoliation I always follow with Shea body butter which is thick, creamy and very moisturizing. The only other one I found more moisturizing than Shea was Cocoa butter which is even thicker and heavier. Why I kind of prefer Shea over Cocoa is how fast it absorbs not leaving skin “sticky”.

Newest additions to my Shea arsenal are Shea shower cream, Shea body whip and Shea beautifying oil. Shower cream is very pleasant suprise for me. I was avoiding it for a while since I do not like creamy shower products that don’t leather up. I was wrong since Shea shower cream does leather nicely but doesn’t dry out the skin, leaves it feeling clean but very soft and gently moisturized. Must have for winter. 
Shea body whip is a body lotion with the same idea of very moisturizing ingredients as the body butter but with much thinner texture and doesn’t feel as “heavy” on the skin. I do not want to use word “heavy” in a bad way but some might like something lighter, more “breathable” especially if their skin is not as dry. Great choice for summer also! I love that it comes with a pump. 
Last one that I have tried and added to my routine is Shea beautifying oil and I like to alternate it with the butter. I feel you do not have to use both even if your skin is very dry. So I take shower with the Shea shower cream and after rinsing I towel dry my skin but I make sure it’s still quite damp and I rub the oil in it concentrating on the areas that are the driest. I know a lot of women want to use oil on dry skin which is also OK but I feel they do give best results if applied on wet/damp skin. 

Shea Butter

Our Community Fair Trade shea butter is sourced from northern Ghana, where it has been used for centuries to protect skin from harsh Saharan winds. We work with The Tungteiya Women’s Shea Butter Association to produce the rich shea butter we use in our products. The Body Shop provides the 528 women of the Association with a fair wage, and also pays a premium for the women to invest in community projects. Anita Roddick placed our first order in 1994 after an earlier visit to Ghana where she discovered the natural moisturizing properties of shea butter and the amazing women who produced it.

Shea shower cream 8$
Shea body whip 12$
Shea beautifying oil 14$
Shea body butter 20$
Shea sugar scrub 20$

This was my quick rundown of the products I enjoy using from The body shop Shea line. If your skin is normal to dry and you do not like overly scented body products I highly recommend trying it.

 I also would love to try this:

A little set of the lip balm and shea hand cream – ideal for the purse.

All of the products mentioned in this post were purchased by me. 

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