OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effects Lacquer Unequivocally Crimson

Introducing the next revolution in nail lacquer. Imagine color that requires no touch ups all week. Fall in love with intense, gel-like shine that lasts until you take it off. The Infinite Shine system is available now at professional salons.

How awesome is it seeing OPI jumping on the band wagon of nail companies creating gel lacquer that you can easily apply at home and not needing a lamp and with an easiness of the regular nail polish removal? And 30 colors to start with! (more coming this summer)
I just have to note that this is my first time trying any gel color system and I have no experience with any other ones on the market.
OPI Infinite shine system consist of :
Primer (Base Coat) – Infinite Shine 1 Primer Base Coat by OPI goes beyond base – it actually primes nails for a revolutionary grip on color and helps prevent staining.
Lacquer – Infinite Shine 2 Lacquer delivers ultra-rich, vivid color in unique OPI shades.  Is an innovative service option for manicures, pedicures and enhancements.
Gloss – State-of-the-art Infinite Shine 3 Gloss Top Coat contains oligomers that cure to a hard film in natural light. Removes easily with regular nail lacquer remover.

As a part of Preen.me VIP program I received for review 10 shades plus base and top coat. 

Naturally I was drawn to one of the reds! You know how much I love red nail polish.  The first one I picked was Unequivocally crimson – bright tomato red.

Base coat applies easily, it has completely clear and dries instantly. 
Brushes on the base, lacquer and gloss are exactly the same as the pro wide brush on any OPI nail polish.
Formula of Unequivocally crimson is amazing – creamy and fully opaque in one coat. I started applying top coat immediately but I highly suggest waiting a little bit because it can pull the lacquer. What I am stunned about is what a high shine finish these have. I have never seen nail polish with such a high shine- with or without a gloss coat. It is so hard to take photos of these how glossy they are! They also do not loose the glossiness over the days of wearing. 
Now the wear time – OPI promises 10 days without chipping. I experienced first small chips on the 4th day. To me that is OK since nothing lasts on me longer than 2 or 3 days. Someone who really expects 10 days of no chipping might be disappointed. I think it also depends how much you use your hands – do you hand wash your dishes or clothes, how often you wash your hands, do you do any physical work, any other house chores?  I do not spare my hands and use them a lot at home and at work so 4 days for me is enough.

Formula is not thick as gel nails that you would do in salon with UV lamp. It is as “thin” as regular nail polish.

OPI Infinite shines retail for 12.50$ and are already available at professionals salons, at Ulta and ulta.com

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