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Journey to the land of fire & ice with the Iceland Collection by OPI. For this collection, OPI looks to Iceland’s untouched land for inspiration. The country’s otherworldly terrain is characterized by stunning moss-covered lava fields, black sand beaches and vast mountain ranges with unique volcanic rock formations Water – in the form of hot springs, waterfalls and icebergs – and open, expansive skies that inspire rich hues of blue ranging from sparkling jewel-tones to cooler bluegray. Lingering sunsets yield a range of hues, from orange clay and wine red to shimmering mauve and various shades of purple – including dusky violet, berry, and deep eggplant-gray.


Oh my gosh I have not been this excited about OPI collection in a while! These are perfect fall/winter shades. I adore dark nails and OPI truly nailed it with this collection – all the dark shades have incredible formulas and some of them are one coat wonders which does not happen often with these kind of shades.  In addition to dark creme shades it’s nice seeing couple of pretty unique shades that have stunning hidden shimmer in them – Check out the old Geysirs and Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots (which I liked more than I thought I would, base color not so much but with added blue and silver shimmer it is really special). Among the dark shades Less is Norse is my favorite – deep dark blue it applies like a dream. Krono-logical order and That’s what friends are Thor are very similar except that Krono-logical is not as warm as the other one and has a hint of dark grey in it while Thor is more of a warm dark brown. I would say you do not need both and could chose based on preference if you like warmer or cooler tone shades more.  Aurora Berry-alis was actually my first pick from this collection – not an unique color but so pretty and wearable and great formula. I’ll have Gin and tectonic actually had most likes on my instagram – I can see why it is very girly and wearable shade but not typical for fall/winter collection.  Icelanded bottle of OPI surprised me a lot it is well done greige (like gazillion others on the market) but if you do not have shade liket his one already it is worth looking into.


Have you tried any of the colors from Iceland collection? Do tell! And please scroll down to see my swatches 🙂



Aurora Berry-alis -When the sun goes down, glowing pink lights up the night.


One Heckla of a Color! – Feeling volcanic? You’ll find a hot companion in this frosty purple.


I’ll Have a Gin & Tectonic – Skal! Here’s our toast to all that glows beneath the surface.


Icelanded a Bottle of OPI -And you’ll make the softest touchdown in this dove beige.


Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots -You’ll be shimmering in the spotlight with this dusky mauve.


Check out the old Geysirs – And call this true blue your new faithful.


Less is Norse – But this dark ice blue says the Nordic the merrier.


Turn on the Northern lights – Straight from the midnight sky, this deep purple sets the stage for an unforgettable show.


Suzi & the Artic fox – Bring out the fox in you through this purple-kissed hue.


This isn’t Greenland – But wherever you wear it, this mystical moss fits right in.


That’s what friends are Thor –  Who’s afraid of Ice Giants? Not you in this powerful, earthy brown.


Krona-logical order – Here’s a rich espresso that’s right on the money.


OPI Iceland collection was sent to me from OPI/Octoly . All opinions are my own. 


you can find more here https://www.opi.com/color/collections/iceland-fallwinter-2017

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