OPI Peru Fall 2018 Collection


Introducing OPI Peru Fall 2018 Collection. This time OPI used country of Peru as an inspiration. A country rich in culture. These 12 limited edition shades were inspired by everything from the craft of local women to delicious food and stunning geological sites from Rainbow Mountain to the magnificent Incan ruins of Machu PIcchu. This collection comes in regular nail polish , infinite shine and gel.

Love the inspiration behind this collection. A lot of dusty shades and somewhat unusual formula for OPI – there are a couple of jelly finishes which I am not really used to with OPI. I love you just Be-cusco is gorgeous deep rich red- not a unique shade but so saturated and rich it screams fall to me. Alpaca my bags is one of my favorites from this collection – it definitely stands out. It is dusty grey blue and it’s opaque in two coats.

My solar clock is ticking is another fave – how interesting is this color? I don’t have anything like it in my collection. Creamy terracotta polish only needing two coats to make opaque. This is definitely my favorite of the collection and surprised me the most.  A lot of pinks in this collection which is unusual for typical fall collections. Also there is such a slight difference between pink shades – Lima tell you about this color is much brighter pink.

Grandma kissed a Gaucho is my biggest disappointment. Pretty purple in the bottle but goes on very sheer. Two coats and still you can see trough it and goes on pretty uneven with jelly finish.

Now three shades that I absolutely loved but gave me so much headache while photographing them – they look almost identical. Machu Peach-u is one of the best nude peach shades ever released by OPI. Rich pigment and full coverage in two coats. Don’t toot my flute is almost identical to Seven wonders of OPI. Somewhere over the rainbow mountains is not as lavender and has more dusty pink in it – it is gorgeous. So many dusty nude shades to choose from and they are all incredibly well done.


I love you just Be-Cusco


Alpaca my bags


Como Se Llama?


Lima tell you about this color!


My solar clock is ticking


Suzi will Quechua Later!


Grandma kissed a Gaucho


Don’t toot my flute


Somewhere over the rainbow mountains


Seven wonders of OPI


Machu Peach-u


Thank you team OPI for sending these complimentary for review purposes. 

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