Rediscovering OPI classics – Malaga Wine

Browsing trough my swatches I noticed I have very few of OPI nail polishes swatched. I do not own a lot of OPIs but I have some really nice classic shades. That made me think I should start swatching some older shades thatI love. I know they are maybe not super popular right now but they are more than beautiful and must haves in my book.

The first one that I wanted to show you is Malaga wine. Deep dark red. Classy! This color is everything. It shifts from being classic red where there is more light to very dark deep red in natural daylight. Anyway it looks stunning. In the past couple of days that I’ve been wearing it I had so many compliments and so many women asked me what color is it.

My only issue with it is formula that SUCKS. There I’ve said it. It is thin, watery, goes on very patchy. I need three thinner coats for opaque coverage. Another thing I am experiencing with Malaga wine – and that never happened to me with any other nail polish is that a day or two after application (but mostly the next day) as soon as I was my hands multiple times or apply hand cream it looks like top coat is worn off and has this weird almost dull matte look to it. It looks like it needs top coat again. I have tried it with different top coats and this always happened. So I gave up on it and haven’t used it in years until three days ago.  Mind that I have heard from others who own it that they have no problem with the formula but I’ve also heard same experiences as mine. Maybe I just got a bad batch.

Color is so perfect though…

This could easily be one of the top 10 best OPIs ever made.

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2 thoughts on “Rediscovering OPI classics – Malaga Wine

  1. I was given this polish as a gift, I am hoping I don’t have the same problem. Would you know what collection this is from? Your pictures look stunning, the color is gorgeous!

    1. I think it is part of their core line. Maybe mine was just faulty? I am planning to try it in Infinite shine formula it might be better

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