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As someone who has been in love with world of fragrance for so long I have to admit I was a bit late to discover Maison Francis Kurkdjian line. I don’t have a good explanation for this – it might be limited availability in the USA (mostly in Neiman Marcus only) but I am so so so glad that I finally had the chance to try this line and as you will see below fall head over heels for it. It started with purchase of Feminin Pluriel after I received couple of samples… the rest is history 🙂 With trying more and more samples I keep falling in love with the quality of Kurkdjian’s creations – fines ingredients, and the way he blends them is beyond anything I have tried before. His scents are so smooth and true joy to wear. I love his use of musk in drydown it makes everything smoother and more wearable. His Aqua line with Universalis, Vitae and latest adition of Celestia is true work of art – how do you create clean soft light scent without it being boring, generic and already seen? He succeeded ! He also mastered creating gender universal scents before it even became a trend.


Feminin Pluriel – The quest for an eternal feminine, recognizable quality of major classics, inspired the creation of fĂ©minin Pluriel, a grand floral bouquet. A beautiful creation composed of a multitude of facets, designed to evolve with freedom and sensuality, unbound from fleeting fashions. This is gorgeous and delicate floral bouquet hugging you with musky clouds. It is very young and it is true delight to wear it.  It is like a little powder pink dress made of pure silk that wraps you up gently when you wear it. It is happy, sophisticated and long lasting.


Grand soir – Dress in your finest attire and polish your look. Wander in a never-ending night and enjoy the daring radiance of a magnificent Parisian evening, over and over again. Bridges and monuments shine like a thousand stars, standing majestic in a twilit sky carried away by the soft vanilla warmth of benzoin from Siam and a tonka bean from Brazil that has been jostled by the deep darkness of cistus labdanum from Spain. This is truly GRAND in every possible way. The best amber based scent on the market. Deep, rich, sweet amber and vanilla. Francis Kurkdjian captured every facet of amber in the masterpiece. It has incredible performance, silage and longevity are out of this world. This has become one of my favorite winter time scents.


Baccarat Rouge 540– Luminous and sophisticated, Baccarat Rouge 540 lays on the skin like an amber, floral and woody breeze. A poetic alchemy. A graphic and highly condensed signature. One word  – MASTERPIECE! I truly believe this is Kurkdjian’s best creation ever and probably the one that will mark his career. This is not for everyone and not easy to wear because it is like the bomb – it will walk in the room before you. It is unbelievable sexy  and daring. It is bold. You will not go unnoticed wearing it.


APOM – “A Part Of Me”, a bit of one-self to leave with others. A refined vision of the Orient in a deep and capturing Eau de Parfum. True powder bomb and I love me some powdery notes. Orange blossom makes it so luminous and bright. It is rich, feminine, classy, delicate and uplifting. It is for grown up woman who knows who she is and what she wants.


Amyris femme – A floral, woody and luminous fragrance born from the flamboyant encounter between Amyris tree from Jamaica and rare Iris from Florence. I knew Amyris femme would be my love at first sniff before I even tried it. Notes are right up my valley (I am big Iris lover). There is a thing with Amyris – it is simply perfect. It is so well balanced that makes it a feminine perfection, gorgeous to wear. It’s tremendously classy and elegant and you can certainly sense high-quality natural raw materials in there. As with other Kurkdjians it’s beautifully well blended, and the transition from one stage to another is masterly. So while there is definitely a lot going on, the many and complex notes don’t crowd each other out or leave you reeling. Amyris femme is an effortless elegance. I was so happy to see that MFK line is expanding with additional body products – body oils and hair mists. I wrote about them HERE . I chose to get Amyris hair mist to compliment the fragrance. It is simply beautiful and I love layering scents. Can not wait to try more of the MFK body products.


A La Rose -Ă€ la rose is an ode to femininity, a declaration of love translated into a fragrance. Two hundred and fifty freshly bloomed roses from Grasse offer their unequalled richness to every bottle. A la rose is composed of two sorts of roses, Damascus rose and Turkish rose absolute, carefully refreshed with a citrusy blend of bergamot, orange and lemon in top notes. Powdery floral notes are combined with a bouquet of roses and velvety violets, while base notes provide character to woody notes of cedar. I have to admit I wasn’t much of a rose fan until recently when I started testing and discovering deferent rose scents. I realized dark roses are not for me I wanted something luminous and light. MFK A la rose by far is the best rose (for me) that I have tried so far – it is bright, young, dewy, fresh rose…  Wearing this makes me happy. I can not wait to try body oil and hair mist , they will be perfect addition for layering.


Aqua Vitae – The delicious whisper of Aqua Vitae triggers an irresistible craving for tender kisses on the neck. This eau de toilette awakens the senses, tickled by lemon from Calabria, mandarin from Sicily, hedione, vanilla absolute, tonka bean and guaiac wood. This was my pick for the summer fragrance since it’s not so typical and I do not have anything not even close to this in my collection. Tonka and Vanilla for summer? Only Francis can make this wearable. I think this makes it so special because Tonka and Vanilla come out in their best form during colder weather which makes this wearable year around. I love this citrus aromatic.


Aqua Celestia forms a seamless bond between the blue of the sky and the blue of the sea, forging a path toward absolute serenity. A heavenly freshness tinted with lime, cool mint and blackcurrant, softened by the generous fullness of mimosa blossoms from Provence. A celestial, musk-scented escape. My latest addition to my ever growing MFK Collection. Francis Kurkdjian’s Aqua line essentially plays on the many facets of citrus and musk – always super-clean, laundry fresh and surprisingly long lasting. His latest, Aqua Celestia, doesn’t disappoint; it is a charming citrus floral along the lines of Aqua Universalis, with the original’s lily of the valley substituted for sweet, sunny mimosa. Celestia certainly marks the return of the Aquatics.




A bit of the Mr Francis Kurkdjian bio:

At the age of 15, when he decided to become a perfumer despite his complete lack of knowledge about the profession, Francis Kurkdjian couldn’t possibly have imagined where this path would lead him. However, he quickly understood that it would be replete with discipline and perseverance – values he learned during years of piano and ballet lessons.

For the past twenty years he has channelled his passion, determination and devotion into perfume, which fills his days, and sometimes his nights. His relationship with perfume has deepened over the years while remaining true to the values and tradition of fine perfumery. Yet he consistently seeks to break the moulds, free perfume from its bottle and open up doors leading to new lands.



“My style is about having no style. Other fragrance houses tailor their creations, even the customized scents, to fit their brand’s identity. I don’t have those limitations.”


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