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I’ve had something on my mind for a while… maybe for over a year and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. This is not my usual post where I would review products and post pictures, what you are already used to. I took some freedom and I hope you do not mind but I wanted to write about something that bothers me (a lot).

As you know I like makeup and most of the things beauty related a lot. I like to share my passion and I like to advise others. I am happy when someone takes my advice and ends up being happy with the product they purchased, or their new look etc… Small things like these make me happy. Most of my readers do not know me personally but some do.

I grew up being a tomboy. I never cared about makeup. I only wore mascara, clear lipgloss, concealer (always had dark circles) and a little bit of a white highlighter for the inner corner of my eyes and under the brow. It cannot be much simpler than this.

I got into makeup when I was about 20, adding couple of more products and then when I was 23 I got really sucked in beauty industry both working in it and buying like a maniac.

Anyway back to topic … Sorry for my little introduction. What bothers me is pressure of having to wear makeup.  And I am not talking about pressure at work. Of course if you work in beauty industry you will hardly ever sell anything if you wear no makeup. It’s demanded that you wear (heavy) makeup and I can understand that. First of all you need to sell yourself in order to be able to sell to someone else.

I am talking about pressure from ordinary people both women and men and especially women who don’t even wear makeup themselves (???).

I have experienced too often being treated so differently depending on me wearing makeup or not. To me that is shocking. I never treat someone differently if they do not wear makeup that time or ever. It’s their own choice.

Past year was extremely hard for my whole family. I spent 4 months away from home, living in the charity house, living in the hospital. I did not care about makeup or how I look. In these kind of a life situations is that abnormal??

I had a situation where I met someone after 7 weeks away from home, I was exhausted barely slept 2-3 hours a day, ate junk and looked like a crap I know I did. Couple of months later I had appointment with the same person and I put makeup on. Very light, simple look. That person walked into the room looked at me and walked out. I heard him whispering that it’s the wrong room. I said “Nope it’s me you are in the right room”. He had this shocked expression on his face and said “Wow I did not recognize you. You look so… different”. I said “yes i know I am wearing makeup, and yes I looked like a crap when you saw me last time”. “No no I did not mean that.. Now you look just more… relaxed”.
I almost laughed out loud, but tried to stay serious.

Again from women that do not wear makeup to work ever when they saw me with makeup on (after seeing me without it) I got compliments and shocked faces and comments how I look so different blah blah…

Many times I was not taken seriously if I am not wearing makeup. I do maybe look younger but the way people take me so seriously when I have makeup on and the way they treat me when I do not is so different that never fails to surprise me.

And if these people would know how much makeup I have at home they would not believe it. Or if I would tell them where I work(ed). That’s why I do not most of the time. I do not want to be expected to come with full face every single time. I have bad days, I have hard times in my life, I just get tired of all makeup and I need break…

Sometimes I get sick of being treated the way they do so I get up at 5 am and put full face on! Now let’s see how are you going to treat me.

Is it just me and I am taking all this wrong?

I am not talking about taking care of personal hygiene, and being judged about that. I am talking about face color. Makeup should be fun, not pressure.

Thank you for taking time to read my looong rant… Please share your opinion!

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