Smashbox Brow tech VS MAC Lingering VS MAC Beguile review and photos

 I have such a hard time with my eyebrows. I never had any idea how to shape them properly and at one point they were so over tweezed. So for the past three years I have been trying to grow them out. Frustrating thing about it is that they grow like crazy on the spots where I need no hair at all, and on those bold spots where I need hair nothing is ever growing. So I like to fill them in more or less depending on how much makeup I wear. Wearing heavier makeup requires eyebrows filled in more and when I wear something light or “no makeup makeup” look then I fill them in much less.

Smashbox Brow tech duo – Taupe
In these two photos I used old version of Smashbox brow tech. I have duo:
For some reason Smashbox reformulated this product and made it as Brow tech TRIO
The one I have has one powder color and a clear wax.  I dip the brush in the wax first and then in the powder. For filling eyebrows I use MAC 208 brush. It’s dense and bristles are thick and short enough to pick up enough product and to give more precise filling.’
I’ve had Brow tech for a long time and I was avoiding it just because I felt wax was too thick and sticky. I need to be careful how much product I use because it gets so sticky that my hair gets stuck on my eyebrows.
Packaging gets messy easily. The one in photo I actually cleaned before taking pictures (don’t even try to imagine how messy it was before).
Color is great for brunettes. It looks very natural. 

MAC Brows in Lingering

Lingering is probably one of the best selling MAC items. I have no idea how I never paid attention to it. A friend mention it ones and I ordered it even without seeing it in person.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Usually I hate self sharpening products, eyeliners especially because they can never give thin precise line.
With Lingering I can fill my eyebrows with an easy. I need to twist the pen couple of times for each eyebrow. It does seem like product will be used up pretty fast. But I do not mind since it’s so amazing. The only thing that’s lacking is that I have to have separate brush (I use old mascara wand) to get the access product off and to brush it through. Pigment is amazing, so soft and powdery. It never looks unnatural. I also love the color it matches my natural eyebrow color and my hair color.
I will definitely repurchase it.
MAC Brow set in Beguile
Beguile is the best choice for someone who has enough brow hair but needs to tame them and give them some color. It looks very natural goes on easily and brush is the perfect sizes. I love using Beguile when I wear light makeup. My eyebrows are unruly and need some taming. Brow set in clear is also great choice over some other brow pencil or just by itself. 
I was trying to find some swatches online of Beguile and they all looked weird. Kind of goldish and too light. I talked to the MA at MAC counter and she was convicing me that if I use Lingering that Beguile would be the right choice. When I tried it on I liked the color. When applied it looks much different than in the tube.

Both MAC items have good price and are worth buying. I believe Beguile will last me a while.  

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