The Body Shop Peppermint foot collection review

I am not really used to reviewing foot products but here is brief review of The body shop Peppermint foot collection. I purchased all these products in a set probably three years ago. I wanted to pamper my hard working tired feet.

Back than TBS was more expensive and they did not offer as many specials and promotions like they do today. I purchased this set for about 38$ which is a lot especially because when it arrived I realized products are not full but smaller size. Sigh… 

The only product I ran out and repurchased recently is Pumice foot scrub. The main reason is I could not find any other on the market and I was shopping for some other TBS stuff so I just added it to my cart for only 5$. 

It is a gel based scrub that is supposed to exfoliate dry and rough skin. It has very weird gel texture that I would rather compare to a jelly rubber. Exfoliating particles are pretty large and it’s efficient enough although I would not mind if it’s even less gentle. It has strong peppermint scent like all the other products in the range. It is supposed to provide cooling and refreshing feeling for tired feet. I use it in shower about once a week. It does not last me longer than two months. With texture it has a lot goes down the drain. It’s hard to get the product out of the jar without it falling everywhere.

Like all the other products in the range Cooling foot lotion is supposed to provide cooling sensation and fight odor (thankfully I have no problem with that but I can see that it can be really helpful who has this kind of a problem). It has very lightweight texture and absorbs very quickly. I liked it even more when I left it in a fridge especially during summer. It enhances cooling effect and helps with tired aching feet. When it comes to hydration or moisture I would say there is barely any, but keep in mind that I have very dry feet. It’s nice lotion for everyday use when you need to refresh your feet but not really for moisturizing dry skin. I probably will not repurchase it. I can’t even make myself use up this tiny bottle.

Reviving leg gel is my least favorite (or not favorite at all) from this collection. This product I was really looking forward to. I would keep it in my fridge and after long day at work on my feet I wanted something that would sooth and cool my feet. Well it doesn’t do any of them, it only leaves sticky gel residue that never absorbs. As you can tell it’s just been sitting in my closet not being used. It should probably end up in trash.
Do not recommend it at all.

Reviving leg gel on the left and Cooling foot lotion on the right

Product that I did not take separate picture of is Peppermint cooling foot spray. You can see it in the first photo of this post. It’s very nice lightweight spray that’s great to use as deodorant for your feet. I love using it before wearing sandals. It absobrs quickly, laves no residue. It also helps if your feet sweat a lot. I am running out and I will probably buy it again. It gives nice refreshing feel. 

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