Too Faced Romantic Eyeshadow Collection

What It Is:
Indulge in our romantic-inspired shadow collection complete with nine shades that will bring out your inner bride, bombshell or classic beauty, all with an ultra-feminine touch. 

More To Love:  
  • For Everyday Special Occasions: A collection of eye shadow shades that provide a perfect palette of choices for all occasions with a feminine and romantic twist.  
  • Formulas To Fall For: Nine, pigment-rich shadows offer an essential range of dreamy hues and textures from soft pearl to rich matte.  
  • Glamour Guides: Three easy-to-follow how-to cards make the romantic eye looks achievable in minutes. 
  • Lock Down Color: Includes a sample of our must-have Shadow Insurance. The paraben-free eye-shadow primer prevents eye-shadow creasing and fading, helps color stay true, and makes any formula more blendable.

I’ve already reviewed Smokey eyeshadow collection , Natural eye collection and Boudoir eyes where I wrote more about shadow texture, pigmentation, staying power, packaging etc… So I wouldn’t like to repeat myself  and I’ll go straight to colors in this palette.
Romantic eyeshadow collection has 9 shadows separated into three looks:
Soulmates – pale peach shimmer – this is my favorite shadow in the collection. It is beautiful even on it’s own, under other eyeshadows or as a highlight. I would buy it if it’s sold just as mono eyeshadow, that’s how much  I like it
I do– matte taupe. It’s nice and pigmented all over shade. Leans grayish
Un-veil – matte soft black. It’s very soft, I would not even call it black. It’s more of a dark grey leaning to black.
Love this day look. I wear it often and get so many compliments on it. It’s super easy and fast. Interesting thing about it that depending on the light it looks gray or purple.  And if you look at the color description neither purple or gray are mentioned! LOL
Kiss the bride – matte pale pink. Great as a base for other shadows
Cut the cake– lavender mauve shimmer. Interesting shimmery shade between gray mauve and purple. Looks great combined with matte shadows
First dance– matte deep purple. Pigmented and great for outer V and combined with shimmery shades.
This one is nice combination of shimmery and matte shades. Great if you like cooler toned looks. Can be worn day and night depending on how heavy you go with First dance shade.
Bouquet toss – matte pale yellow ivory
Honeymoon-burnished gold shimmer
Ever after – bronze shimmer 
(this is the only combination that I have to admit I’ve never tried ooops 🙂 )
I remember when this collection was launched I swatched it and my only impression was meh… but I was wrong because it looks so much better on eyes than just swatched on hands. Give this palette a chance it might surprise you how it gives great and effortless looks.

Too Faced romantic eye collection swatched on skin over Lorac eye primer

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