Urban Decay Brow tamer and Brow beater in Warm brown

It was about time for Urban to update their brow products from their original little brow box. I got a chance to see a sneak peak of these two about two months ago and I am glad I also received them as a gift. I received both Brow tamer and Brow beater in color Warm brown which is not my perfect shade since it’s a bit too warm for me but once applied I think it looks ok. Neutral brown would be a better match. You gotta admit lately everyone has been obsessing about the brows thanks to the trend of “instagram brows”.

What it is:
A long-lasting, waterproof brow pencil with a microfine tip for precise application.

What it does:
Brow Beater Microfine Brow Pencil and Brush is the perfect weapon for a brow emergency (even when you’re on the go). Urban Decay’s long-lasting, waterproof formula is infused with moisturizing vitamin E, argan oil, and coconut oil, and it delivers a smooth, even application. Its precise, microfine tip makes it easy to replicate the natural look of real hair.

Brow beater reminded me a lot of Anastasia brow wiz or MAC brows (I use shade Lingering which I love and have bought couple of times). It is has very fine tip for precise application. At first it felt a bit stiff and dry but once “warmed up” it went on very nicely without tugging or pulling. It has very good wear time since I wore it in super hot and humid weather – it stays put for 8+ hours.  I love that it has small brush on the other side – it takes the excess product of and “blends” it to look more natural.
What it is:
A lightweight, water-resistant brow gel that provides flexible, comfortable hold and eight-hour wear. 
What it does:
Tame even the unruliest of brows. Urban Decay’s Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel grooms, defines, and sets brow looks for a fuller, more polished effect. Lightweight and never stiff or sticky, its water-resistant formula offers flexible, comfortable hold that lasts all day. These universally-wearable tints create natural-looking definition with a clear or tinted shades. The easy-to-use spiral microfiber brush, is designed to give you precise control for individual hairs and sculpt the perfect brows. It dries down quickly without getting stiff or sticky, leaving brows feeling soft and never crunchy. 

Brow tamer is one of the best brow gels I have tried. It has texture that is lightweight enough but at the same time provides enough color. This is hard to find with brow gels – they are either lihtweight and almost clear since their pigment is so sheer or they are thicker and not so easy to apply but provide enough color. Urban did a great job with this one. Also I love the size and shape of the brush – it’s not tiny like Benefit or big like Anastasia for example. It’s just the perfect size.  I used this one over Brow beater just to seal the color and too tame the hair but I especially love it on it’s own – it makes my unruly brows looking decent in 10 seconds or less.

Left Brow tamer in warm brown – Right Brow beater in warm brown

I am sucker for purple color so I have to add that I love the dark purple glossy packaging. It is sleek and easy to carry for touch ups if needed.

These two are also reasonably priced at 20$ each.  You can purchase them at Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom, and official Urban Decay website.

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