Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmer shimmering powder for face and body

Our smooth, silky powder contains a sophisticated, microfine shimmer. Dust it on wherever you want to create an instant Naked glow!
Get Naked from head to toe. This smooth, silky powder contains a sophisticated, microfine shimmer and light-reflecting particles that give skin a luminous, radiant look. You really have to see it to appreciate how insanely beautiful it is! This lightweight, shimmering powder is baked on a terra cotta disc for 24 hours and then hand-finished, just like our popular Baked Bronzer. Baking the formula gives Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder a high level of just-perfect shimmer (without the metallic look of cheaper formulas). It also provides the color payoff of a loose powder, with the convenience of a pressed powder. The perfect way to get (or give) Naked, this shimmering powder comes in a gorgeous rose-gold box and makes the perfect gift for any Naked fan. Includes a generous mirror and a brush (housed in a separate compartment underneath the powder).
Fill Weight: 6 g NET WT. 0.2 oz

Naked Illuminated is super sparkly powder, or better call it it’s a shimmer bomb. It is not for all over your face, some would actually question is it for the face at all? I do not mind using it on my face since I love  any kind of shimmer – the more the better. But if  you do not like big very noticable shimmer this is not for you. It looks so beautiful on top of cheekbones just underneath the outer corner of the eyes. 

Texture is pretty dry and kind of gritty. It does not surprise me since this is baked powder. 
Compact is lightweight but very bulky, since it has separate compartment for the brush. Brush is actually not bad and I noticed it applies the product much nicer than some other brushes I’ve tried. It picks up a lot of product. In my first two swatches I applied product on dry skin with heavy finger swatch. In the second photo I wanted to show staying power which is poor. Product is gone with the slightest touch on the skin. It just flies everywhere. I wore it for couple of days in a row over liquid foundation but even though it had something underneath to “hold” the product better it would not last longer than 2 hours on me (btw I never have problem with staying power). I think main issue is that product is so dry and glitter is large so there is nothing smooth ,soft and “creamy” to hold the product together on skin. Good thing is that product does not migrate all over the face. In 6-7 hours time I think I reapplied it 3 times. It looks so beautiful in artificial light, just looks unreal and very eye catching.
This could be such a beautiful body shimmer. I think maybe applied over thick and creamy/ sticky body lotion or butter it would stay on better. 
Second pair of swatches I applied product on dry skin with brush that comes in a compact. You can see it packs a lot of product. Second photo shows what happens with powder when dusted off with a brush. Again a lot of product is gone.
Overall I do like the way it looks. I like shimmer and fortunately I can wear this to work and for a night out, but of course it depends what kind of job you have. This is not office friendly. 
Amount is decent and it’s not overpriced. I wish texture is smoother and softer without large dry chunky glitter. 

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