Urban Decay Perversion mascara review

The purest, deepest, the most intense black color imaginable.

Volumizing brush separates and defines. 

Creamy full bodied texture – not too dry, not too wet.

Has just the right amount of “pull” so it glides through lashes.

Get high volume, high drama lashes with the sheen of shiny latex.

Never gets brittle or clumpy – even with multiple coats.

Perversion is the newest addition in fast growing Urban Decay line. I do feel they nedeed this badly. Even though they have some other amazing products that are well known for mascara was their weak spot. There is a big hype about this release, they have created even the site specially for Perversion  https://www.udperversion.com/. The idea was how to create some dark super saturated bold black color that Perversion eyeliner has and transfer it to mascara.
I won’t talk about packaging since I only have sample size of it. Brush has excellent size – not too big not too small. It has tons of bristles that grab lashes very easily. It does not clump since the formula has good texture – not too wet to clump but not so dry and waxy for example like YSL EFC. In my photos I am wearing two coats. Also I curled my lashes with Lancome Le curler before the application. I had no problem with smudging or flaking throughout the day. Whatever I messed up during the application around my eyes I removed easily with a clean q tip.
One coat can give you natural  kind of a look, if you do not like dramatic. Two coats gives more of dramatic bold look that they are promising . It is easily buildable meaning that you can layer coat of mascara without them being too stiff. They stay soft and manageable.
The best mascara Urban has made so far.

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